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Thread: 6 man rotation

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    6 man rotation

    As far as I know no team has used a 6 man pitching rotation for an entire season, if much at all, but it seems like it would be an easy addition. I can think of several uses:

    (1) In late September, I often use an extra starter to set up my rotation for the playoffs, and/or give a rookie some innings.

    (2) T/L/D (The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball) claim five days rest is optimal, and I've had teams with six or seven relatively equivalent starters, so this would make it easy to experiment. Some team some time might actually try this in real life. Generally, of course, no one has that many good starters.

    (3) T/L/D also suggest pinch-hitting for your two worst starters (never let them come to bat); the idea is to start your #4 guy, pinch-hit, use your #5 guy, pinch-hit, then use your 3rd best reliever; two days later you repeat, perhaps starting #5 and using #4 as the first reliever.

    With a six-man rotation, you could extend this concept to possibly all of your starters.

    You can do all this manually if you sim only a game or so at a time, but having an actual six-man option would allow you to use (1) or (2) while simming longer periods.

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    Re: 6 man rotation

    I agree and it would make it a lot easier when I develop prospects.

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    Re: 6 man rotation

    Agreed, no reason not to allow it, with things trending that way on some teams.

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    Re: 6 man rotation

    Ya, Im in a league that just got to September and I want to give my rookie prospects some innings but I can't fit them into my 5-man rotation
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