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Thread: Pitchers pinch hit

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    Pitchers pinch hit

    I play a lot of historical seasons. Today pitchers are a liability at the plate, but in years past there have been some pretty good hitting pitchers. Like Wes Ferrell a .280 career hitter. He pinch hit 139 times in his tenure in the major leagues. Don Drysdale comes to mind. He pinch hit 23 times in his life in the major leagues.
    In those long extra inning games, when you have used all your bench players, it would be a good option to have.
    I was horrified to read a box score of a game I didn't play by play to see my pitcher was caught stealing. Is there some way we can stop our slewfoots from attempting steals?

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    Re: Pitchers pinch hit

    I, and many others, have been wanting to use pitchers as pinch hitters (and pinch runners) for a long time now.
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    Re: Pitchers pinch hit

    Agreed on pitcher pinch-hit/pinch-run/play the field. As for caught stealing, it could've been on a hit & run play. I can't think of anyway to tell.

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    Re: Pitchers pinch hit

    YES! This is a critical feature as far as I am concerned.

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