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Thread: Please rate bug reports by importance

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    Exclamation Please rate bug reports by importance

    It is helpful to know which bug reports are seen as serious by a majority of the contributors to this forum.

    Therefore, in the Bug Reports forum, please use the 'Rate Thread' feature (in the upper right) to give your opinion on the severity of a bug report, using the following scale as a guideline:

    5 stars: Clearly documented bugs that you have also experienced and/or that require immediate attention.

    4 stars: Clearly documented and/or well-described bugs that seem important but that you haven't personally seen.

    3 stars: Reports that describe problems that aren't serious, or that lack key details necessary to reproduce or understand the problem.

    Ratings below 3 stars are reserved for bug reports that are lacking necessary information or that are reporting a "bug" that you believe isn't actually a bug.

    You might disagree about what needs more attention, but I use the average rating as a first-order indicator of which problems need to be tackled first.

    Thank you!

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