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Thread: Editing Rosters in Football Mogul

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    Editing Rosters in Football Mogul

    Instructions for creating new ".dat" files are posted here.
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    Re: Editing Rosters in Football Mogul

    is there anyway to go back and change the stats for a player that has already retired but who was not elected into the hall of fame? because there is an error with QB brad smith on the buffalo has him with over 400 td passes... with 117 in one year and i didnt notice this until later realizing i could have went in and corrected it. im just wondering because im kind of a stats nerd lol which is the reason i love this game but its kind of annoying seeing brad smith on the all time leaders with over 400 td passes up there with favre and manning when he really didnt accomplish that. so basically im wondering if theres any way to edit it because after hes retired i cant use the in game commissioner mode to change his stats. thx

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    Re: Editing Rosters in Football Mogul

    Any idea how the latest version (2014) calculates the blocking attribute from the stats? Blocking does not appear in the in game edit, and all the players from the current rosters have a 65 blocking. I looked through all the CSV files. It isn't clear how to influence or change the blocking. In FM 2012, players had different blocking values, and I could edit blocking with the in-game editor.

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    Re: Editing Rosters in Football Mogul

    Link above generates a 404 error.
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