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    Forum Rules

    We do not permit:

    1. Advertising of third party services or websites, unless authorized by us in advance and in writing (aka "spam").
    2. Sexual or offensive content.
    3. Harassment of other users.
    4. Abuse or disruption of our services.
    5. Duplicate accounts (the creation of a 2nd account for the purpose of trolling, impersonating someone else, or just hiding your identity).

    Violation of any of the above will result in punishment up to and including a permanent ban of the account in question, and banning of all accounts from the IP in question.

    For the most part, "harassment" must occur more than once in order to be defined as harassment. If someone, in an argument about baseball, says "you're an idiot", that isn't "harassment". It is inappropriate, and I strongly recommend that you don't use ad hominem attacks. But one such occurrence probably doesn't need to be reported. I have programming to do. I'm not here to settle fights, or to ban someone who happened to get baited into saying something offensive. Multiple ad hominem statements will beget a warning, or worse.

    Similarly, "offensive" means offensive to the community at large. Just because you are offended by the word "penis" doesn't mean that everyone is.

    Just to be clear, please note that the following will get you banned without warning:

    1) Posting of another user's personal information, or the personal information of his family or friends, in an attempt to harass them (or encourage such harassment). This includes but is not limited to phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses. This is illegal even if the information is fake. We don't have the time to verify if personal information is accurate, so don't even pretend to harass someone in this way.

    2) Posting of offline conversations (such as on AIM), in an attempt to harass, embarrass or bait another user.

    3) Posting of pornography or nudity or links to such materials. Again, if you post a link and say that it's porn, we will still ban you. To protect against viruses, we will not be clicking on every link posted. So don't even joke around.

    We do appreciate it when you use the 'report' button in a post to report inappropriate posts. Spam will be deleted as soon as it is reported. However, for other material (such as one user saying something that offends you) please be EXTREMELY detailed in the post as to what was said and why it was offensive. We don't have time to read through an entire thread and try to judge who "started it".

    If you report something without enough detail to act on it, WE WILL IGNORE THE REPORT.

    Thanks for your cooperation!

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    Forum Rules
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