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Thread: FAQ: Running and Editing Leagues

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    FAQ: Running and Editing Leagues

    I am looking at running a league with a couple other people in it and I was wandering how to run an online league?
    Use the Options Menu to turn on Commissioner Mode. Then change the teams to Human-Controlled.

    Plus, if you can run an online league, how would you play another human opponent if you have a head to head game?
    For online leagues, we recommend simulating the head-to-head games. Or using Commissioner Mode to set the visiting team to Computer-controlled, for just that one game.

    Can you play a head to head game against another human? If you can how do you go about doing that?
    If you are both in the same room, Football Mogul lets you participate in 'hotseat' play. In other words, you can pick plays for both teams.

    I went into the output folder and updated the roster file for those players that signed with new teams (like it works in Baseball Mogul). However, when I open up a new game they are all still on the same teams. What should I do?
    Rename Universe.dat to Universe.mog. Then open that file in Football Mogul and make your edits. Then rename to Universe.dat.

    If you wish to have Football Mogul 'see' your edits to the database and/or roster file, you need to used the 'Import Stats' button in the Advanced Tools Dialog.
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    Re: FAQ: Running and Editing Leagues

    The guidance on roster manipulation appears to be out of date.

    Is there a way to manipulate rosters outside the game?

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    Re: FAQ: Running and Editing Leagues

    Can Football Mogul get updated to allow online leagues similar to Baseball Mogul???
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    Re: FAQ: Running and Editing Leagues

    I'd like to see this feature

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