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Thread: Bulling through the Eighties

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    Bulling through the Eighties

    The 1983 Chicago Cubs were a team on the cusp of (gasp!) respectability.

    Future HOFer Ryne Sandberg had been jacked from the Phillies the previous year for SS Ivan DeJesus (and Larry Bowa got thrown in... I woulda reversed it!)

    Aging veterans Bill Buckner and Ron Cey cemented the corners.

    My favorite all-time player, (don't ask why, I was 3 for God's sake!) and resident cokehead Leon "Bull" Durham (the hero of this dynasty), had emerged as a perennial 20/20 threat at the age of 24.

    Young OF'ers Mel Hall and Joe Carter were tearing up the minors (both were traded in 1984 for Rick Sutcliffe; this will probably NOT happen here!).

    The only thing holding them back was a suspect pitching staff, anchored by long-time staff aces Fergie Jenkins and Rick Reuschel.

    We'll see what happens.

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    Re: Bulling through the Eighties

    So here's the ground rules, and anything else I feel like saying.

    This is the first dynasty I've ever tried posting online, I've usually just done them at home and gotten bored once I win the WS. Hopefully, y'all can keep me interested enough to keep it going.

    Kudos to McPhale and OldYankFan on their dynasties, they provided me with inspiration for this one.

    I am not at all interested in "breaking the curse" as so many other Cubs fans are; in one of my old 1901-1975 dynasties, I won the WS with them 16 times.

    Rather, I want to play with the players I grew up with rooting for and watching collapse. As I said, the Bull was my favorite player, let's see if he can keep his nose clean for once.

    The first year I will not impose too many rules upon myself regarding a limited number of trades; I always try to clean up the minors before I get into a season, and I'd rather not just release them. Suffice it to say that I will not make more than 3 major trades in the first year.

    I will initiate them only through the trading block, and I will not alter AI GM's offers in any way.

    AI trades will be reversed at my discretion, although I may ask for opinions first.

    I've never done a rule V draft before; any suggestions/help with that would be appreciated.

    I am open to any and all suggestions regarding curbing my sharklike GMing instincts; there's nothing worse than an 8 marginal prospects for an All-Star trade. Basically, if I wouldn't let the AI do it, I won't do it.

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    Re: Bulling through the Eighties

    Here's the lineup (some problems, here...), pitching, and April schedule...

    This is what the default AI sets up for the lineup... Tom Veryzer starting at 2B instead of Ryno - they've got it out for me already.

    The only other obvious hole is Buckner; but his contract is up at the end of the year, and Durham is rated an 89 at first base... Buckner may be trade bait.

    I could throw Johnstone or Moreland into RF until Carter is ready.

    Jerry Morales' contract is also done at the end of the year, and Hall should be ready to step up at that point.

    That pitching scares me though. Jenkins is probably one and done, Reuschel is gone after '84. Trout should develop soon, but that 4th starter is just a hole sucking me into mediocrity. Not to mention I'd rather go with 5 at this point.

    So there is the dynasty as it stands, and I've got to go to work. So, any suggestions, comments, concerns, tips, even smart remarks are welcome.

    (1st 3 posts ever were these ones, BTW!)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Bulling through the Eighties

    Quote Originally Posted by Foamy View Post

    Kudos to McPhale and OldYankFan on their dynasties, they provided me with inspiration for this one.

    This is an interesting group to write about.

    The Firey Larry Bowa
    Resident nuts Jay Johnstone and "Dizzy" Trout and "Soup" Campbell

    Veteran ring holders like Ron Cey "the Penquin"

    A young dominant closer in Lee Smith

    Bonus points if you can work in Keith Moreland "less water"

    Have fun with it!

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    Re: Bulling through the Eighties

    Heh, don't think I'll be adding personality like you do. I'll be more just updating and no doubt grumbling as the men fail to live up to my high standards.

    I'm gonna try and get at least April out of the way tonight; we'll see what happens.

    Johnstone doesn't have much of a future here; Carter and Hall are just too good to not start either this year or next.

    Oh, and ratings are +/- 7 at this point. Haven't adjusted my scouting yet...

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    Re: Bulling through the Eighties

    Ok, before I get started, quick question... Is it possible to export injuries, trades, etc. to a text file so you can copy and paste, or would I need to do a lot of typing?

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    Re: Bulling through the Eighties

    Somewhat of an unbelievable month... 20-7 to start the season, but check out the news flash...

    Oh, well. We've still got a 3 game lead.

    Hitter of the month : Sandberg. Hits .370 with 5 HR's out of the leadoff spot and goes down with a broken ankle on the 29th.

    Pitcher of the month : Jenkins goes 5-0 with a 1.84 ERA to earn the top spot. Honorable mention goes to Alan Hargesheimer, 2-0 1.47 in 4 starts filling in for an injured Chuck Rainey.

    Minors : Joe Carter hits .348 with 7 HR's in AA to earn the top spot.
    Don Schulze is 1-0, 0.47 with the Mesa Cubs (R). Truth to tell, there wasn't much competition.


    4/2 Rance Mulliniks (Tor) Chipped knee cap for 2 weeks
    4/3 Terry Kennedy (SDP) Torn elbow ligament for 3 months
    4/3 Cliff Johnson (Tor) Proves that he is old and breaks his hip, 4 months
    4/4 Kent Hrbek (Min) Strained knee, 2 weeks
    4/4 Steve Henderson (Sea), see Hrbek.
    4/6 Chuck Rainey (ChC) Broken wrist, 5 weeks
    4/8, 4/9 John Cerutti (Tor) and Pascual Perez (Atl) both dislocate their shoulders, 3 weeks
    4/12 Wayne Tolleson (Tex) Broken vertebrae, 7 months
    4/24 Willie Aikens (KCR) Broken forearm, 2 months
    4/30 Ryne Sandberg (ChC) Broken ankle, 3 months
    4/30 Larry Herndon (Det) Broken vertebrae, 5 months


    John Candelaria (Pit), 4 years, 730 k
    Paul Molitor (Mil), 4 years, 940 k
    Rickey Henderson (Oak), 3 years, 630 k
    Greg Luzinski (CWS), 4 years, 1.75 million
    Harold Baines (CWS), 3 years, 2.65 million
    Lance Parrish (Det), 4 years, 2.95 million (Highest salary in baseball)
    Alan Trammell (Det), 4 years, 2.85 million (Less than Parrish? What?)
    Dale Murphy (Atl), 5 years, 1.75 million
    Eddie Murray (Bal), 4 years, 1.8 million
    Kirk Gibson (Det), 3 years, 310 k (a steal here...)
    Dan Petry (Det), 2 years, 670 k
    Lou Whitaker (Det), 4 years, 1.35 million

    The rest were not really worth mentioning...


    4/10 Pete Rose - 2000 runs
    4/19 Steve Garvey - 1000 runs
    4/27 Johnny Bench - 2000 hits
    4/30 Steve Garvey - 2000 hits

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    Re: Bulling through the Eighties

    So, the question becomes what do I do now? There is no way the team can continue this pace without Sandberg; Fergie is channelling his best 1968 impression, and the rest of the staff will eventually implode, I can feel it coming. I will have to go out and get a 2B for the next 3 months, and ride out the storm.

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    Re: Bulling through the Eighties

    May 20th...

    Lee Smith, our closer, breaks his foot when Ryne Sandberg falls over in the dugout. Smith had been in imminent danger of getting sent down to AAA, as he was 1-2, with a 5.21 ERA thus far.

    Young Craig Lefferts was recalled from AA to take Smith's spot, while Willie Hernandez was promoted to the closer's role for the time being.

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    Re: Bulling through the Eighties

    A very, very difficult start to the month, although we did manage to hang onto a share of 1st place. 0-9 right off the bat. Then we lost Smith for a couple of months, Sandberg is out... At least the draft is coming up.

    Hitter of the Month : Leon Durham. With Sandberg gone, he really stepped it up a notch, hitting .302 with 11 HR's to this point.

    Pitcher of the Month : Hargesheimer is now 4-4, 2.50 ERA. Who knew?

    In the minors : Raffy Palmeiro earned his ticket to A ball by hitting .406.
    Jamie Moyer is now 2-2, 3.34 in single A. (I need pitching!)

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    Re: Bulling through the Eighties

    NL Standings and Leaders:

    AL Standings and Leaders:

    Oak RF Garry Hancock - Broken Ankle (2 months)
    Tor SP Luis Leal - Broken Wrist (7 months)
    NYM C John Stearns - Severed Knee Ligament (8 months)
    NYY RF Oscar Gamble - Broken Ankle (2 months)
    Tor 2B Damaso Garcia - Ruptured Cervical Disc (3 months)
    Phi 3B Mike Schmidt - Torn Achilles Tendon (8 months)
    Pit RP Vincente Palacios - Foot Stress Fracture (2 weeks)
    Bos SP John Tudor - Ankle Stress Fracture (3 weeks)
    CWS RP Jim Kern - Foot Stress Fracture (2 weeks)
    LAD SS Bill Russell - Sprained Back (2 weeks)
    Bos RF Tony Armas - Wrist Stress Fracture (4 weeks)
    Cle 1B Otto Velez - Wrist Stress Fracture (4 weeks)
    Mil RP Jamie Easterly - Sprained Back (2 weeks)
    Min SP Brad Havens - Sprained Knee (2 weeks)
    Pit SP Larry McWilliams - Torn Hamstring (3 weeks)
    Bos SP Bruce Hurst - Foot Stress Fracture (2 weeks)
    NYY 3B Graig Nettles - Broken Collar Bone (4 weeks)
    Min 3B Gary Gaetti - Hairline Wrist Break (2 weeks)
    Bos SS Glenn Hoffman - Broken Elbow (2 months)
    NYM SP Tom Seaver - Severe Elbow Tendonitis (4 months)
    SFG RF Jack Clark - Stretched Ankle Ligament (2 weeks)
    Cle 1B Mike Hargrove - Broken Hip (3 months)
    Cal SP Tommy John - Mild Shoulder Separation (2 weeks)
    NYM RP Terry Leach - Hairline Wrist Break (2 weeks)
    Det 1B Mike Ivie - Finger Stress Fracture (2 weeks)
    Tex SP Danny Darwin - Dislocated Hip (5 weeks)
    ChC RP Lee Smith - Broken foot (7 weeks)
    CHW SP Floyd Bannister - Mild Shoulder Separation (2 weeks)
    Oak 1B Dan Meyer - Broken Elbow (2 months)
    Hou 1B Ray Knight - Spiked Achilles Tendon (3 weeks)
    Hou RP Joe Sambito - Torn Hamstring (3 weeks)
    Atl SP Pete Falcone - Spiked Achilles Tendon (3 weeks)
    Tor SS Alfredo Griffin - Broken Collar Bone (3 weeks)
    SFG 2B Duane Kuiper - Torn Ankle Ligament (5 months)
    NYM RP Neil Allen - Severe Elbow Tendonitis (4 months)
    Oak 1B Kelvin Moore - Mild Shoulder Separation (2 weeks) - He replaced Meyer (see above)
    Sea 1B Jim Maler - Ruptured Cervical Disc (3 months)
    Tor C Geno Petralli - Chipped Knee Cap (2 weeks)
    Cle SP Len Barker - Pulled Groin (2 weeks)
    StL 3B Ken Oberkfell - Torn Knee Ligament (2 months)
    Min 1B Kent Hrbek - Torn Quadriceps (4 weeks)
    Tex LF Pete O'Brien - Chipped Knee Cap (3 weeks)
    Tor 3B Rance Mulliniks - Sprained Knee (2 weeks)
    KCR RP Don Hood - Dislocated Hip (7 weeks)
    Mon RF Warren Cromartie - Sprained Finger (2 weeks)
    SFG LF Jeffrey Leonard - Dislocated Shoulder (2 weeks)
    Det SP Jack Morris - Stretched Ankle Ligament (2 weeks)
    Cle 3B Toby Harrah - Ruptured Knee Ligaments (4 weeks)
    LAD LF Dusty Baker - Ankle Stress Fracture (2 weeks)
    Pit RF Dave Parker - Stretched Knee Ligament (4 weeks)

    STL RP Bruce Sutter - 200th Save
    KCR LF Willie Wilson - 300th Steal
    CWS LF Greg Luzinski - 1000th RBI

    CWH CF Dave Stegman - Released
    Cin RP Joe Price - 2 years, $89,500
    Sea C (FA) Sal Butera - 1 year, $47,500
    Bos SS Julio Valdez - Released

    Phi RP Tug McGraw retires at age 38

    The AI has not, through 2 months, made a single trade. Unreal.

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    Re: Bulling through the Eighties

    Thoughts on the upcoming draft : Not much out there. Biggio and Matt Williams are probably the best 2 out there, but I need pitching help, and John Smiley and Jose Rijo are probably the best available, which isn't saying much.

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    Re: Bulling through the Eighties


    1. John Smiley
    2. Jose Rijo
    3. Jack Armstrong (SP)
    4. Todd Haney (2B... weak draft)
    5. Mark Petkovsek (RP)
    6. Kurt Stillwell (SS)

    Needed pitching depth in the low minors, and Stillwell and Haney are more for depth than anything else. Really poor draft.

    Benito Santiago was #1 overall to the Twins, Biggio went 3rd to Texas, and Matt Williams dropped all the way to #20 for Boston.

    Noted standouts Jeff Blauser and Steve Decker got drafted before Williams.

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    Re: Bulling through the Eighties

    June 15th, Mike Proly, one of our "relievers" goes down. Rich Bordi is recalled for the next two weeks. Rumor has it Proly broke his hand punching the water cooler after (another) bad outing.

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    Re: Bulling through the Eighties

    Our team continues to play well over it's head, a rather mediocre month at 14-12, though we extended our lead to 3 games. Larry Bowa makes headlines by getting his 2000th knock and 300th steal in the same week.

    Player of the Month :

    This month's kudos goes to Bill Buckner, for raising his batting average to .295 with a team-leading 25 doubles. His fielding remains suspect.

    Pitcher of the month :

    Rick Reuschel, now 10-4, 3.61, takes the honors, going 3-1 on the month in 6 tries.

    In the minors,

    Raffy Palmeiro continues to rake. Now hitting .324 with 10 HR's in A ball through 37 games.

    Recent draftee Jose Rijo has a 1.93 ERA thus far.

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