Sometimes when the player hits a home run, actually often the ball will travel longer distant then the distance of the wall and yet still it will be caught near the wall or not a homerun. It happens quite often almost to the point that if its not a 400yrd bomb it wont go over the fence. Also sometimes it should go over the wall from a line drive but it hits the wall. a lot of the time if it hits the wall its caught as an out which i dont get. A bit unrealistic on the fielders range.

Im also having trouble with double plays. how can ground balls not be a double play. if the computer has a bit slightly fast runner it will almost never ground into a double play. I think double plays should be more often. More accurate. especially if the infield is top notch.

Hitting the ball. Sometimes i get mad when i guess correctly but its not a basehit or better yet a homerun. that pisses me off. is there a way that if i guess accurately it will produce the way it should? cause come on the computer can pretty much guess whatever it wants and get a base hit but i dont get luck even if i guess right which by the its hard to do and ridiculous compared to real game playing like ps3 or x-box.

Advice here on changing uniforms, editing pics, and changing colors. i read a great thread about players about changing uniforms. I wouldnt want to put a big list of players for some poor guy to spend hes time doing. so id like to do it. The problem i cant find the right way or right software/ website. whats the best way to this and to do it online with effiency. sometimes all i want to do is change the logo on the cap but i cant figure how to do that fast. i think its only a matter of finding the right software.

Thanks a lot for youre help guys. take it easy, one problem at a time and good luck.

Saw the wrestler last night, kicked ass. a bit sad, but kinda good. cheers.