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Thread: 7.070 Computer Substitution

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    7.070 Computer Substitution

    There are three related issues

    In v7.070 I try to play two RBs as starters (one in the FB location). When I select the "Done" button, I get an error message that states: I may not be able to use the player in the way I intend. There is a button on this dialog that can be selected to obtain more info. Unfortunately, when pressed the dialog goes away and more info is not provided. I only figured out what the problem was by trial and error.

    Then when the game is simulated, the computer substitutes a higher rated RB for the RB that I put in the FB position (there are no FBs on my roster). I also find that the computer does not substitute RBs in the order that I have them listed. It will skip my order to pull up a higher rated RB.

    Why is it a problem to have the higher rated RB put into play? If I have a lock on a playoff position, I do not want my top players on the field with the possibility of injury. So I drop my top players to the bottom of the substitution list and am willing to lose the game since it is meaningless anyway. It is frustrating to have the computer put them in the game and then lose them to injury for the playoffs.

    1) There should not be an issue with using two RBs instead of an RB and an FB. Also the error message should state which player(s) are causing a roster problem if a problem exists.
    2) The computer should not substitute an RB for the RB that I put in the position unless there is an injury.
    3) The computer should substitute players in the order that I list them.

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    Re: 7.070 Computer Substitution ?Bug?

    This should be of concern as it tends to get annoying. I would like for this to be changed.

    Also, there should be an option to "platoon" positions i.e. runningback by committee or implement an adjustable substitution percentage for each position (sort of what Madden does).

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