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Thread: Brewers and Sabathia

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    Re: Brewers and Sabathia

    This thread is kind of pointless

    Sabathia isn't resigning in Milwaukee for four years 100 million, considering he can probably get 120-150 million on the open market

    No offense to anyone here, but anyone who thinks Sabathia is going to sign anywhere for under 120 million dollars is in for a huge disappointment

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    mnstonecold Guest

    Re: Brewers and Sabathia

    if the Brewers don't sign Sabathia or sheet of neither which will most likely be the case the Brewers will be back to their sub-500 regular routine. I just don't think Gallardo and Parra can carry the team. Bush is iffy at best Suppan is a up in the air. Capuano will have to prove if he can pitch again.

    predicting their record next year. 71-89. with out Sheets and CC.

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    Re: Brewers and Sabathia

    Quote Originally Posted by TheNamelessPoet View Post
    It depends... if u can say flip Fielder for Cain or someone like that I think it would be an AWESOME move for the brew crew.
    Oh hell freaking no! Fielder for Cain is a bad move for the Giants. I don't think Fielder will hold up. I'd much rather keep a one two punch of Cain/Lincecum than have only Lincecum and Fielder.

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