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Thread: Managers' use of closers. ARGH!!!!

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    Re: Managers' use of closers. ARGH!!!!

    But I thought Torre was a GOD... a GURU... a Genious...

    Where are ya RickD
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    Re: Managers' use of closers. ARGH!!!!

    "Closers" or, really, your best reliever, should be used in the highest leverage situation possible. They should be kept for the 9th inning IF POSSIBLE, but only to maximize their use over the course of the season. The playoffs are ENTIRELY different, and if a higher leverage situation is at hand than will be coming up (in a foreseeable way), the best reliever should hit the mound IMMEDIATELY.

    Lowe should have stayed in longer, Kuo should have been used for a long hold, and Broxton should have been pitching the 9th.

    OR, Broxton should have come in earlier than he did, leaving Wade to pitch the 9th.

    This game made me sick to my stomach.
    We agree here regarding closer use 'in the playoffs'. It's totally different than the regular season, bring that closer in early and give your team the best chance to win each game individually.

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