This is an open plea to Charlie Manuel and Terry Francona:

If, by some chance, your teams happen to oppose each other in the World Series (which I realize is a statistical long shot), please do us soft-tossing old guys with shredded labrums a favor. Pitch Jamie Moyer and Tim Wakefield against each other in a World Series game.

Tito, I know your going to start Beckett and Dice-K in the first two games if you make it that far. Charlie, you'll run out Cole Hamels in the first game. And I know you'll be tempted to start Moyer second. Don't do it, please. Start Joe Blanton, start Brett Myers, start J.A. Happ if you have to, but please, let us get to a third game with a Moyer-Wakefield matchup.

We want to see a World Series game with a 75 mph speed limit.