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Thread: Bye Bye Florida and Hello Sin City

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    Bye Bye Florida and Hello Sin City



    9:00 PM - Sept. 30, 2008
    The MLB regular season is officially over. I jus got home to my empty house from my car audio business which is either emotionally or financially fulfilling. I turn ESPN on the TV and crank the volume up while i go make a TV Dinner. 1st i think i should feed the dog who is staring at me like he wants to eat me. So as a pop one in tha microwave i hear Buster Olney discussing teams who will be in the playoffs

    New York vs Los Angeles
    Arizona vs St. Louis

    Boston vs Oakland
    Los Angeles Angels vs Kansas City

    WOW!!! Kansas City actually made it, squeezing past Detroit by a game. Alex Gordon was playing like George Brett. Also didnt hurt that they had Zack Greinke and traded for Roy Oswalt mid-season. I always rooted for the underdog.

    As i eat my disgusting half burning hot, half piping cold dinner i jus give up. Get up from the couch. Toss it in the dog bowl and head to towards the cabinet. The dog goes nuts, like he is eating lobster and shrimp. Desert time i say outloud to myself. Open the cabinet and grab my bottle of scotch. Over ice thats how i like it.

    Meanwhile back at the couch seems that Jeff Loria, the owner of the Florida Marlins is days away from selling the Florida Marlins. Hmmm strange i thought they were close to getting a new stadium. Well i guess things like that fall through sometimes. Seems that the lead candidate to purchase the franchise for upwards of $350 million is one of my buddies. Mark Cuban. I had met Cuban from being a season ticket holder with the local Dallas Mavericks. He would do some motivational speaking for my team at UT-Dallas when i was baseball coach there. Also he and his players would come get there cars done at the shop often. Another headscratcher. I thought Cuban was trying to buy the Cubs. I instantly head to wikipedia. Seems that the founder of Ameritrade has outbid Cuban, not to mention seems like the baseball people wouldnt want him in charge of such an important franchise. Oh well ill have one more drink and hit the hay.

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    Re: Bye Bye Florida and Hello Sin City

    October 7, 2008
    Another long night at the shop. We gotta finish up Aqib Talib's 1973 Chevrolet Caprice Convertible and boy does he want the works in here.

    Well actually i dont have to finish it, Jose does. My head installer here at Mr. Perfect's Perfect Sounds. I opened this business around 3 years ago with my brother. Business is good but it has been much better. Probably all my fault too, but whatever. Break time!

    I let Jose and the guys know to watch the shop ill be back . I head outside and fire up a cig. Its a pretty nice night out, tho a brisk breeze. I head over to my Lexus which is in desperate need of a wash. Guess ill have Jose knock that out for me tomorrow. Sit down in the peanut leather seats and reach under the seat. Pull out a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black label. Have a few good gulps and toss it back under. Start her up and head down to Sonic's to get a quick snack. As i ride i hear my blackberry rumbling inside my jacket in my back seat. I reach back and try and grab it. I finally grab it, look to see who it is(private) and pick it up all while swerving a lil too much.

    "Hey, Elroy!"
    "Yea who is this?"
    "Its Cuban!, how ya been?"
    "Not bad, havent seen you around since the Hornets knocked you guys out"
    "Yea up yours Roy"
    "Im just foolin wit ya Cube, I see you bought the Marlins, you just cant get enough huh?"
    "Naw why should I, Im also looking into getting a football franchise in the UFL."
    "Oh man your a machine"
    "Yea but i called cuz I have a offer for you"
    "More cars huh? trying to lure a free agent with a sweet ride?"
    "Naw i actually was wondering if you wanted a position in the Baseball Club. You know my baseball knowledge is diddly squat"
    "Whoa! Mark, now you know I got some problems going on i dont think i can handle that type of spotlight, Im a small time kinda guy"
    "Roy everyone i talk to about u all said that when it comes down to the game, you understand it like not too many others. I think you would be perfect for this young club, plus i know you and can trust you. Just think about it"
    "Man i really dont know, i really appreciate it and . . ."
    "WHOA, hey Cube let me call you back I got the Cops flashing me"

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    Re: Bye Bye Florida and Hello Sin City

    As I hang the phone up and pull the car over i realize that i was swerving the whole ride. This must not look good. It wasnt the swigs of scotch that had me swerving so much it was the phone call from Cuban. It was really stressing me out, because i want to be back in the game again. I just didnt think i could handle it. After sittin here on the side of the road wit the spotlight on me for a few minutes it felt like a lifetime. I wanted a drink so bad, i almost reached under the seat to grab a swig. Then i hear *tap-tap* and i roll the window down.

    "Hello officer what seems to be the problem?"
    "Uhh yea you were doin a whole lot of swervin on back yonder boy, what you got going on?"
    "Sorry officer i had a important phonecall come in and I, I, I was trying to trying to talk and drive and I, I, I didnt think i was swerving"
    "Well ya damn sure was, you wanna step out the car"

    Being a black guy in Texas it was always a possibility of some racist stuff going on so i was just going to do whatever he said and hope he didn see tha bottle of scotch under my seat.

    "Ya got any weapons on ya? knives, guns?"
    "No sir"
    "Alright, let me see ya lisence and registration, proof of insurance"
    "Well all that is in my car in my jacket right there in the back seat sir, would you mind if i went and got it?"
    "Yes i would boy, you stand right over there where i can see ya, and ill go get it"
    "Yes sir"

    He starts to head toward the back of the car and open up the driver side back door. He does and slowly grabs my Wilson's leather jacket. He starts to walk away from the car then pauses and lays the jacket on the trunk. Then he reaches for his flashlight.

    "Excuse me officer, you dont have the right to search my car!"
    "Hey boy you better hush it up I got probable cause wit all that damn swervin you was doin"

    And then just then as he says that last sentence he flashes towards the back of my seat and pocket from under it is refecltive glass. HE FOUND THE BOTTLE.

    "Been doin a lil drankin tonight have ya?"
    "No sir"
    "Yea so what ya got this bottle of whiskey under ya seat for?"
    "I, I, I had it there from a while back and forgot it was there"
    "Oh really, well Im gonna have to put ya in the back of ma car while i search the rest of your vehicle"

    Then he walks up to me and grabs my arm

    "Sir i know this is necessary, I havent drink anything, Im sober!"
    "Now you better calm down and dont resist me boy!!!"
    "I didnt do anything!!!, Im not drunk, I dont have any drugs just let me get on with my business!!!

    As i start getting scared and frustarted my voice gets louder and he suspects im trying to resist. He then slams me to the ground and throws the cuffs on me and throws me in the back of the car. He found the bottle in the car and more in the trunk. I was going to jail. He said he smelled alcohol on my breath and that along with an open bottle was enough to send me down. Worse enough my lisence was suspended for a prior DUI and i had a warrant out for my arrest for unpaid tickets. It was all going downhill.

    Sitting in my holding cell i had nothing but time to think about my life over the past 5 years. Alot of goods and alot of bads. I had it all, and now it was looking i was going to have nothing. I remember when i was in college at the University of Texas. I was a star 1st Basemen. I could hit for power and contact. I had a good eye and i could field like non other. I had been drafted twice and didnt sign each time to stay in college. And my senior year was going great one, and I was sure to be drafted in the 1st round. Then it all started to fall down.

    I was partying too much, lots of drinking, lots of women, and even dabbled in drugs. I got into a bar fight or two but it never got big in the news. But one incident did. It was my birthday and we decided to get a hotel room and throw a party. Girls and liquor and drugs. Just how college was supposed to be. I thought. The night was great, no altercations, just fun. Around 1:30 or so people started to leave the party and i was still partying hard and gettin blurry. I remember me, a few teammates and a few locals girls still there kicking back. That was all i remember.

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    Re: Bye Bye Florida and Hello Sin City

    I woke up alone on one of the beds with teammates passed out on tha floor and on the other bed. We all discussed how great the night was as we headed to practice the next day still hungover and tired. Then a week later one of the girls there is claiming that she was raped. By Me. Seemed unreal. But it was very real, my season was cut short just as it was starting. I had to get a lawyer and deal with the national media and court hearings. It was too much stress to deal with i just wanted to play baseball. I would give up all the partying if i could jus go back to playing baseball again. But i would never play again

    After months of hearings and being kicked out of school and not being drafted until the 27th round. I fell into depression. I started drinking just to forget how messed up my life was. Eventually the case was drop but i still had been kicked out of school and hadnt touch a field in over 6 months. I was drinking everyday and had started other tougher drugs. I could have reported to the team that drafted me but I was out of it . Those 6 months had drained me and made me bitter. I was going to report when i wanted to report. Well didnt work out when i wanted to finally report. They didnt want me. No team wanted me. I was Barry Bonds. Now what do i do?

    I talked to my couch about it and he said he would help me get a job as a janitor at a local park. It was a start. I went from janitor to coaching one of the local little league teams in no time . The people in Texas still loved me even if the MLB didnt. Eventually i moved up the ranks and got a coaching gig at UT-Dallas. I got a house and a dog and a wife and we had kids. Things were going good. My drinking was slowing down, I would just occasionally have a drink. Life was going good. My team was doing good too

    2004 was the 1st season i coached at UT-Dallas and we went undefeated and won tha D-III Championship. It was great i hadnt felt this good since college. I didnt even have a need to drink. The next season tho the media started to get into things. Asking tons of questions about the past and how would we stack up the next year, could we stil go undefeated. I tried to tune it all out and jus focus on my team. But it was impossible I was getting offers from others teams throwin alot more money at me and it was all beginning to be too much.

    The 2005 season the players played great, they didnt even need me. They had learned so much the season before they were on cruise control. I didnt do as good of a job in my mind, I had started drinking again and was letting the media effect me. They team went undefeated again and the media granted me with the name Mr. Perfect. Never lost a game. But I was far from perfect. The drinking started to get heavy again and it was noticeable. The media were bashing me for showing up drunk to one of the playoff games. I couldnt take it before i would let them tear me down . I quit the day after the season was over.

    The next 2 years years were worse i opened up tha shop wit my brother but my wife was beginning to get sick of my drinkind and eventually left me. No wife, no kid. Just me and the dog and my scotch. At least she left me the Plasma Screen TV.

    My life was in horrible condition. Im sitting in a county jail, Now i know my chances are done with making it to the Majors. Oh well this is how its been for me the last few years. Wish i could have a drink in jail. Then a officer comes up to me and tells me i can have my phone call now. Yea well thats great, who do i call? Why even call? Nobody would want to talk to me. Well let me think about who i can call. My brother? Maybe. My wife? Yea right. My mom? Naw she has been through enough. I bury my head in my hands. . . . CUBAN!!! Maybe if i call him not only can he pull some strings and get me out maybe he would still be interested if he hears that its his fault Im in jail.

    Well i dont have his number and i know the officers wont give me my phone. So i start thinking and i remember his card is in my office at the shop . I hope Jose is still down there.

    "Hello, Mr. Perfect's"
    "Hey Jose, Its Elroy"
    "Wassup Mr. Bohagon?"
    "Uhhh im jail, i need you to find Mr. Cuban's card in my office and dial his number on 3-way"
    "Whoa, what happened?"
    "We can discuss that later Jose, now find the damn card"
    "Yes sir"
    "Ok, Im callin him right now hold on"
    "Yo calling me back pretty fast there Roy"
    "Hey Cube, I need a big favor, i hope your in town, the cops pulled me over and now im jailed."
    "Oh no man, yea i actually just touched down before i called. What do u need?"
    "I need you to come get me out, i dont know how much my bail is or anything but, I need to get out, I cant take it in here"
    "Alright well I'll make a few calls and Im pretty sure I can have you out by the morning at the latest."
    "Thanks Mark, I really appreciate it, You have always been a stand-up guy"
    "Yea I take care of you becuz you take care of me. So Im going to get on the horn with my people and get you out of there"
    "Thanks again Mark and thanks Jose"

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    Re: Bye Bye Florida and Hello Sin City

    October 8, 2008
    The next morning, not only does Mark get the charges dropped, he pays off all my tickets, and personally comes and picks me up in a limo. He never asked what happened that night, Im guessing it really didnt matter to him. So we chat about various things, never bringing up baseball or jail. He did tell me he got my car towed back to my house. We finally pull up to my house and i begin to tell him that Im really considering the offer. And he cuts me off and just says hey Roy, do what you feel is best, period. All i ask is that you keep coming to those Mavs games. We share a laugh and say our goodbyes. I go in the house and hit the sack

    I wake up later on to see that i missed the game last night and the Angels have knocked off the Royals in tha ALDS. The RedSox sweep the A's, the Dodgers sweep the Mets and the Cardinals edge the Diamonbacks. I then decide i need to focus on my business and my drinking problems and will give my baseball addictiona break. No more ESPN for a lil while.

    October 22, 2008

    I have not watched any sports since the day i got out of jail. I do not know anything going on. During this time tho its make me want to not watch sports but get back behind the scenes of things. Im pretty sure my brother and Jose can handle the shop. Im going to give Cuban a call.

    "hey Cube, its Elroy"
    "oh hey whats going on how ya been?"
    "alot better, i've been trying to focus on my business so maybe mistakes wont happen"
    "sounds great, soooo how can i help ya?"
    "uhh, im callin u back, u said u had a position for me with the club"
    "aww man, i guess u havent caught any sports news lately huh?"
    "actually no, i have been trying to distance myself from baseball so i could focus on what i wanted to do with myself"
    "well, im sorry to tell u i hired Dan Rohn to be our manager a couple days ago, i didnt think you were interested becuz i didnt hear from you. I had to hire somebody fast."
    "awww man, im sorry. I hadnt been keeping up in the news, congratulations tho"
    "thanks roy, im real sorry on the miscommunication, you were the 1st choice"
    "well its ok, i still got my shop. Guess ill see you in a few weeks at the games"
    "yea u probably wont see a whole lot of me tho since i got the new franchise"
    "yea well ill be there"
    "alright roy, be cool, ill be in touch"

    I wanted to jump off a building. Just when i was sure of what i wanted to do it was too late. I cant blame him tho. Maybe UT-Dallas might want me back . I can throw my name back in the hat, im pretty sure somebody would like my services. And jus as i was going to head to cabinet and pour up a drink.

    "Hey Roy, its Mark"
    "oh hey Mark, whats the deal???"
    "we got a manager already but how would think you could do at being the general manager? i know its not as hands on. but you know the game. i think you can do it."
    "uhh ive never really thought about it"
    "well im offering you the position, i have faith in you"
    "well i have no idea what im getting into but Cube. you were there for me. do i accept"
    "great, great, i had to have you on board somehow"
    "well im down. what do you need me to do 1st?"
    "well how bout i fly you out here and we can get started on what we are going to do with this roster"
    "ok, sounds like a plan"
    "alright im about to get on the horn and get you a suite at the MGM. Thas where the rest of us are staying at since we building the stadium on there lot."
    "whoa? huh? MGM? ur losing me Mark"
    "what do u mean im losing you? MGM Grand? right there on the strip. where did you think we would build the stadium? out in the desert somewhere???
    "i thought you bought the florida marlins? what do u mean MGM Grand? thats in Vegas"
    "Oh no you havent been keepin up in the news. We are moving the team to Las Vegas. Its taking to long and too much to get a stadium in Miami. There is no money there for us. We are going to play our 1st season at Cashman Field, Its being renovated as we speak to bring more seats in. Then 2010 we will be moving into a convertible stadium top of the line right next to the MGM Grand. Cool Right?"
    "MARK!!! I cant live in Vegas!!! on the strip!!!. I am a recovering alcoholic, That is way too much temptation. The media and lights alone are too much pressure on me even tho im not the manager."
    "Roy, you can do it. Your ticket will be waiting for you at the airport tomorrow morning. goodnight. see you then"

    No drinks for me. Got to pack and then sleep

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    Re: Bye Bye Florida and Hello Sin City

    October 23, 2008
    On the plane i pick up the paper and go straight to the sports section and check out whats been going on in baseball since i have been seperating myself. Seems as tho the RedSox beat the Angles 4-1 in the ALCS and the Dodgers beat the Cardinals 4-1 in the NLCS. Now the World Series has started and its all tied up 1-1 with the next game coming tonight. Will Manny get sweet revenge against his old team? Or will the Sox show that they were just as good if not better without Manny. whatever. Im not a fan anymore. Only of the Las Vegas . . . uhhh. I dont even know the name of the team yet.

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    Re: Bye Bye Florida and Hello Sin City

    Finally at the temporary office of Owner Mark Cuban we can handle business.
    "So whats the team's name?"
    "Oh sorry Roy, thought i told you. Its the Las Vegas Lions. To kind of go with the MGM theme since we have a 30 year lease here and there are paying for half the stadiums costs and have the naming rights."
    "Ok so whats the contract situation looking like?"
    "Ok we are going to offer you 3 years at $1.5 million a year with incentives. Hows that sound?"
    "I cant complain, I was making $50,000 at UT-Dallas"
    "Ok great well i have some building plans i need to go look at down at the site so Im leaving you here with our 2008 Rosters and you can go through and figure out who we should keep, and what we should do"
    "Alright Cube, See ya in a bit"

    Players to Cut: Matt Treanor, Paul Hoover, Jacque Jones, Wes Helms, Alexis Gomez, Alex Sanchez, Mark Hendrickson, Logan Kensing, Bobby Keppel, Tim Corcoran

    Players to Shop: Mark jacobs, Jorge Cantu, Cody Ross, Alfredo Amezaga, Dallas McPherson, Scott Olsen, Kevin Gregg, Doug Waechter

    Players to Re-Sign: Josh Willingham, Jeremy Hermida, Justin Miller, Lee Gardner

    Ill leave this list for him to go over while I go down to the lobby and check out the World Series

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    Re: Bye Bye Florida and Hello Sin City

    October 25, 2008
    Comes to find out that Manny and his Dodgers just didnt have what it took and lost all 3 games at home losing the World Series to the Sox 4-1. Josh Beckett wins the ALDS and WS MVP and seems to be the front-runner for the AL Cy Young.

    Back to the Office:
    With the season over now we can make some moves.
    - Send P Scott Olsen and OF Alfredo Almezaga to the Dodgers for 3B Blake Dewitt and $3M
    - Send 3B Jorge Cantu to Rangers for C Max Ramirez and $500K
    - Send 1B Mike Jacobs and P Doug Waechter to Pirates for 3B Andy LaRoche
    -Send OF Cody Ross and P Kevin Gregg to Braves for P Jacob Thompson, OF Jordan Schafer, P James Parr, and P Cory Rasmus
    - OF Josh Willingham re-signs for 4 years $7.05M
    - OF Jeremy Hermida re-signs for 3 years $3.20M
    - P Justin Miller re-signs for 3 years $6.15M
    - P Lee Gardner re-signs for 2 years $2.85M
    - 2B Dan Uggla re-signs for 3 years $7.OOM
    - P Renyel Pinto re-signs for 3 years $3.00M

    Needs for the Off-season

    - Starting LHP, CF, IF

    Ill check back with the boss in a few days and see how much money he is willing to spend

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    Re: Bye Bye Florida and Hello Sin City

    You had me at Vegas.
    But throwing in a recovering alcoholic as manager and a crazy like Cuban as owner.
    Count me in.

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    Re: Bye Bye Florida and Hello Sin City

    November 3, 2008
    Being that the team is now in Las Vegas and not Miami the League announced today the new division alignments. We moved from the NL East to the NL West, the Diamonbacks move from NL West to NL Central, and the Pirates move from NL Central to NL East.

    November 4, 2008
    Friday morning i decide to head down to check out how the stadium was going. We were going to use Cashman Field this year until our mega Ballpark on the strip would be complete.

    They were renovating the ballpark to be able to seat more people and added a upgraded scoreboard. Just enough to keep the fans happy until we got the real thing finished. The seating was upgraded from 9,000 to 26,500. In order for that to happen the field dimensions had to be changed from 328 in L and R, 364 in LC and RC, and 433 in center to 328 in L, 364 in LC, 433 in C, 374 in RC, 338 in R.

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    Re: Bye Bye Florida and Hello Sin City

    November 6, 2008
    The end-season awards have come in and non of our players are came away with any. But here they are:
    AL Cy Young - Josh Beckett (19-4 2.52 ERA 213 Ks)
    AL MVP - Dustin Pedroia (.314 25 HRs 116 RBIs)

    NL Cy Young - Greg Maddux (19-1 3.47 115)
    NL MVP - Albert Pujols (.324 49 119)

    Owner Mark Cuban is town for a few days to check on things and discuss our upcoming season's roster.

    - I've been looking at starting LHP Chris Capuano (85.0 IP 3-2 3.81 ERA 81 Ks) who is seeking $5.3M for

    3 years.
    - In the CF position I've been looking at Melky Cabrea (.252 13 HR 70 RBI) who is a good defender but asking for a lot of money at $7.8M for 3 years. Also Ryan Spilborghs (.303 9 HR 42 RBIs) whos defense is not as good but seems to hit better for average but also at $6.4M for 3 years is a tad steep.
    - We also could use a back-up infielder and Ronny Cedeno looks like he could fit in fine. Tho he has not played much over the last 2 seasons (74 AB in 07 and 60 in 08).

    We will just have to see how Mark thinks about this when he comes on up.

    "Yo Elroy what you got up your sleeve?"
    "I'm unsure of how much we have to spend seeing as we just moved and we havent opened our stadium, but Melky Cabrera looks good at CF. He is asking for $7.8M for 3 years tho."
    "Melky Cabrea?!?! starting CF?!?! and for that kind of money?!?! I dunno Roy, we are in Vegas. This is not your average baseball city. These people want full on entertainment. Now im dedicated to winning and i know you will do a great job. But i think we need bigger names, fan favorites, you know. Something to attract peope to the ballpark and away from stripclubs and Penn & Teller."
    "Well i do kind of see where your coming from but Mark our stadium isnt even on the strip yet. I think we should build up with some quality players and not throw around the big bucks just yet."
    "Yea well we can do that but i think in order for us to make some real money we need big names at the big positions. Shortstop we got Hanley Ramirez and im willing to throw everything he asks for at him. So we need a big name pitcher and a big name center fielder. U may not be able to go out and get that right now but at least scratch the surface. This is Vegas baby shake things up a lil. You got all the room you want and all the money you want if you can pull us some big names."
    "Wow, all the money I want? are you serious? Your not Steinbrenner Cube. Seriously how much of a budget do i have to work with?"
    "Well i cant get completely specific wit that. But dont be cheap, We have money and with our stadium coming next year we will have lots more. I want us to be the Yankees of the West Coast. Just dont go out and get A-Rod or Barry Zito or nothing too crazy. Just go check out some stuff and get back at me."

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    Re: Bye Bye Florida and Hello Sin City

    So now im back at the drawing table. With no real big names free agents out there I'd have to start shopping for some big names who wanna come play in Vegas.

    Lets start with BIG NAME pitching. We need a LHP and i was set on Chris Capuano but his name was not meant for a marquee. So going through the rosters of every major league team i finally come across the Mets. Johan? no way in hell. But Pedro i think could be a possibility. Recent injuries and not producing like they want, maybe we could land him. I think I'll call em up

    "Hey Omar, this is Elroy Bohagon new GM with the Las Vegas Lions."
    "Ok, how can I help you?"
    "I want Pedro!"
    "Pedro huh, well what can you offer me?"
    "We got plenty of prospects, I mean what do u need over there?"
    "How bout Josh Willingham?"
    "Oh no, no way we just signed him to an extension"
    "Ok, how about uhhh . . . Daniel Barone and Renyel Pinto?"
    "Not a problem, Ill fax over there paperwork."
    "Pleasure doing business with you."

    So now we had a BIG NAME pitcher, but he hadnt had a good season since 05'. Well good thing is he will be fairly cheap, we sign him to a 2 year extension for $4.8M.

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    Re: Bye Bye Florida and Hello Sin City

    Back to Centerfield. Only big names i can realisticly see us getting are Kenny Lofton playing with the Angels who was 41 years old and played for 10 teams since 2002. And Jim Edmonds who was a free agent asking for $7.5M. Cuban wouldnt mind paying that to him since he was a fan favorite and still had some pop in his bat. I'll give Jim a call.

    "Uhh I'm calling for Mr. Jim Edmonds."
    "Who is this?"
    "Roy Bohagon, GM with the new Las Vegas team."
    "Hold on a sec"
    "This is Jim"
    "Hey Jim I was wondering if you wanted to come to Vegas and play for the Lions."
    "What you offering?"
    "2 Years $6.6M"
    "I wont go any lower then $8M, and i want a penthouse suite in the MGM Grand, I want 4 front-row tickets to the Roy Jones, Joe Calzaghe fight this weekend, 4 1st class tickets out there for the fight and i want a line-up spot between 3 and 6, no exceptions. Can you work that?"
    "Uhhhh wow thas asking for a tad much dont you think Jim?"
    "No, and if you cant do all of that then the conversation is over."
    "Ok, Jim let me just talk to the owner Mark Cuban and make sure i can do all that, but Im pretty sure we can work that."
    "Ok well you got 20 minutes, anything after that lose my number"

    I called Mark and he immediately said get it done. Done deal, big name pitcher and centerfielder. Tho I'd much rather Melky Cabrera roaming out there for us.

    But i did get to sign Chris Capuano at $6.15M for 2 years and Ronny Cedeno at $4.4M for 2 years.

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    Re: Bye Bye Florida and Hello Sin City

    What a long day, I could use a drink. Instead I think I'll jus head downstairs and give the slots of couple bucks and maybe get a bite to eat

    November 7, 2008
    Now to get organized and have a rough draft of what our team will look like. I sat down wit Manager Dan Rohn and this is what we came up with.

    C- Max Ramirez
    1B- Andy LaRoche
    2B- Dan Uggla
    3B- Blake DeWitt
    SS- Hanley Ramirez
    LF- Josh Willingham
    CF- Jim Edmonds
    RF- Jeremy Hermida

    1- Hanley Ramirez
    2- Blake DeWitt
    3- Andy LaRoche
    4- Dan Uggla
    5- Jim Edmonds
    6- Josh Willingham
    7- Jeremy Hermida
    8- Max Ramirez

    1- Pedro Martinez
    2- Andre Miller
    3- Ricky Nolasco
    4- Chris Capuano
    5- Anibal Sanchez
    Closer- Justin Miller
    Set-up- Taylor Tankersley
    Short- Lee Gardner
    Short- Matt Lindstrom
    Middle- Eulogio De la Cruz
    Long - Josh Johnson

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    Re: Bye Bye Florida and Hello Sin City

    November 23,2008
    After a few weeks of no roster moves and no Mark Cuban(tending to Dallas Mavericks) I get my 1st trade offer from Jim Hendry of the Cubs. He wanted Pitchers Taylor Tankersley, Lee Gardner, Henry owens and OF Jai Miller. And he offered back Pitchers Rich Hill and Carlos Marmol. Dont think i could pass up on a offer like that. I could throw Rich Hill in the rotation and Carlos Marmol could be the set-up man. I think Cuban would like it because these guys are both high strikeout guys. I pulled the trigger.

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