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Thread: BM2K9: 2008 Ohio Centric Custom Universe

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    BM2K9: 2008 Ohio Centric Custom Universe

    Over the weekend, I experimented with creating a custom universe in Baseball Mogul 2009. Since first playing Baseball Mogul a few years ago, I always wanted to play as some of Ohio's minor league baseball teams and/or the independent league team in the State of Ohio. While this is still a work in progress, I believe I successfully created an unpolished version of the baseball universe I always wanted.

    I created a 2 League, 4 Division, baseball universe, which totals 18 Teams. My baseball universe features all nine of Ohio's professional baseball teams in one league. The other league features all nine of the professional teams outside of Ohio, which have some major league or minor league baseball affiliation back to Ohio. The four MLB teams included in my Ohio centric baseball universe are the Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, and Washington Nationals. The complete League, Team, and Division breakdown is as follows:

    Non-Ohio League

    East Division

    Buffalo Bison
    GCL Indians
    Kinson Indians
    Sarasota Reds
    Washington Nationals

    West Division

    Billings Mustangs
    Chattanooga Lookouts
    Detroit Tigers
    Louisville Bats

    Ohio League

    North Division

    Akron Aeros
    Cleveland Indians
    Lake County Captains
    Mahoning Valley Scrappers
    Toledo Mud Hens

    South Division

    Chillicothe Paints
    Cincinnati Reds
    Columbus Clippers
    Dayton Dragons

    A short term to do item is to create a proper schedule template file. For now, using a renamed "162-B-10-8-I.txt" file allows the season to play out by starting and stopping the regular season at the appropriate months. The structure of my baseball universe is 9 teams in each league. I chose the 10-8 split schedule file because this was the one file where the sum of all the teams equaled 18.

    Another to do item is updating the team rosters, since the real world minor league teams and independent team are made up of randomized players in the game universe. Finally, I need to skin the game with logos, photos, stadiums, etc.

    Here is the 2008 Ohio Centric Baseball Universe file:

    Ohio Centric Baseball Universe.mog

    Here is the temporary schedule file (place in ..Baseball 2009\Schedules):


    I wanted to take a moment to share my custom universe with other forum readers. Enjoy!

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    Re: BM2K9: 2008 Ohio Centric Custom Universe

    Well, you can find most of those logos in my logo set if you want to add them in for more realism.

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