I posted responses on a few threads over the years, and thought I'd post about my latest project, which is available at baseballwhatifs at aol.com for now.

I'm still trying to figure out how to set up a geocities (that is, free) website people can download from, but right now, you can still e-mail me for my project titled "If Baseball Integrated Early." It's designed to show how baseball might have changed had it been itnegrated fromt he start; not a lot at first, of course, and verrrrry slooowly till about 1900, but it's done in a very plausible way. It has things like:
A Federal League merger to create 10-team leagues in 1920 (before contraction during the Depression, and expansion earlier then);
Scandals in 1908 resulting in what might be called Black Sox Lite, and a commissioner in 1909, which makes things a bit easier;
World Series results plus individual pennant races if they're interesting enough;
Personal stories, like how Sol White made the hall of Fame - as a sportswriter - and Dizzy Dean and Satchel Paige on Vaudeville.

It starts in 1870, with a man who lived to become a great baseball player because the Civil War ends 18 months early (Union win at Chancellorsville, with the war ending a few months later) It's told in story form through 1900, then each year is covered individually, with a few blurbs for each year, some a paragraph or two, some more like half a page to a page.

Anyway, you don't have to pay, but donations are appreciated :-) I do have PayPal for that, with that screen name I set up for it. I don't know what a good price it, $5-10? But, anyway, I have also written more, which will be up there and linked if I can figure out how :-) - or which you can e-mail me for:

From wwwothertimelines.com, one I wrote about the Padres moving to D.C. in 1974, which includes what would have happened had the Cubs won the '84 pennant (remember that this would have switched home field for the World Series)

A couple books from about 1997 that I wrote; my technical style wasn't as good (capitalization and punctuation problems around a few quotes is the only really big thing, plus somehow in the transfer from mac to IBM compatible a few ' became ").

But, if you like, they're there:
1. "Where There's A Will" - A murder mystery surrounding a will contest.
2. "Challengers": The U.S., Confederacy, and Europe race for Mars in the 1970s, in a universe where the North and South split over slavery in 1787 - much help with one of my friends for the space stuff and also discussions on the timeline;

Also, a couple other books may go there eventually, Print On Demand ones from 2002-3 that I wrote:
1. "Never Let Me Go" - A group of high school friends dealing with college choices and other things - good, clean, wholesome romantic comedy, the way TV used to be.
2. "This Little LIght" - I'll offer it, it's a childrens' book about friendship and perseverance, abut I'm a little embarrassed, when I wrote it I got the facts wrong about what base was missed in Merkle's Boner in 1908 :-) Oh, well, I'm doing these as just docs now, so I could rewirite that.

Anyway, except for If Baseball Integrated Early, I've just got them all as docs, because you have to pay after so many free eBooks with Adobe Reader, and frankly, I don't have money to do that now. But, if you'd like to have me e-mail any, after all of this; or *gasp* you'd like to have me e-mail you and even pay me after ward - my e-mail is baseballwhatifs at aol.com.

I'm writing another book about spiritual leadership for young people, designed to encourage them to take charge when there is no male role model int he home. But, I'm also working on one other what-if that might get done someday:

What if Frank Robison misses the news one day, and doesn't buy the St. Louis Browns at a sheriff's sale? He keeps the Cleveland Spiders int he N.L., but Ban Johnsons till puts his team in the A.L., do the old Browns fold after 1899, Robison moves his team to Baltimore (as he considered moving the Cardinals, but stayed because St. Louis drew more fans then). So, you've got the Cardinals in the A.L., the Orioles in the N.L. from 1905 on, and a whole slew of other things. Including the Senators in Los Angeles in 1956 as the Angels, and Gene Autry's team in the N.L. (Wonder which one Stan roots for in this timeline. :-)

I' can e-mail what I have so far in that if you want, too.

Thanks, all, and happy reading! Again, you don't have to pay if you don't want, but I do have PayPal if you feel like it. As some of you might know, it's almost impossible to get published.