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Thread: New Misc. Images

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    New Misc. Images

    I updated the all-star/homerun derby calendar icons with the '06 Pittsburgh logos. I also made a created my own wallpaper, which looks like this, and a new progress bar image which looks like this.

    Wallpaper goes in the Skins/SportsMogul/News Folder, all-star icons in News/Calendar, and the progress bar in SportsMogul/Dialogs. If you have any ideas for more image stuff like this, I'll definitely see what I can do. Enjoy!
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    Re: New Misc. Images

    Nice. Added to the index.

    One thing though, don't mess with the default SportsMogul skin. See this thread: Creating a new Skin and using photo, logo, and sound mods
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    Re: New Misc. Images

    Love the wallpaper.Dice K is cool but It would be nice to have a variation (Reyes,Howard,Fielder...what about Ryan Braun)


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    Re: New Misc. Images

    Could you do a New York Yankees skin??

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    Nice work.

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