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Thread: NewGameCities - Updated American Cities

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    NewGameCities - Updated American Cities

    I've updated the entire file with American city data. I used 2004 US Census data for the regional populations (plus 2004 Canada Census data, and 2000 Mexico Census data). The per capita income data is from the 2000 US Census FactFinder pages (although I've kept the original file's data for existing cities), while the Canada per capita income values are extrapolated from the family income data in the 2004 Canada Census and the Mexico per capita income values are simply guesses.

    Some notes on using the file:

    - I recommend you back up the NewGamesCities.csv file that is in your Input folder before you copy this file into that directory.

    - You must begin a new .mog file to use this city data. It appears that the game looks to the NewGameCities.csv only when a new .mog file is created.

    - Since several cities share the same names (e.g., Columbus), I had to make the names of some of the cities contain a state abbreviation to be able to distinguish them when you pick the city in the League Editor interface. This results in some ugly looking city names (e.g., "Columbus (Ind)"), but I felt this was better than having to guess which Columbus I was choosing in the League Editor.

    - I used the CSA and MSA definitions to define US regional areas. Accordingly, you won't see Barstow or Coachella Valley in the Los Angeles region, nor will you see Dover, DE in the New York region. The cities included are ones that are listed in the CSA and MSA definitions only. If you want to add more suburbs (or remove some), feel free to do so. I have to make some guesses on the Mexico regional areas (used World Atlas to help), but didn't bother to include any but the major city for each region.

    - While I have included every metropolitian area for the US and Canada, I only included the areas that have minor league teams in Mexico (e.g., Guadalajara isn't included) since I assumed that any other city has so little interest in baseball as to be an impossible location for a team. (Also, the Mexican state abbreviations are 3 letters which could be a problem, so I might have to change them all to MX.)

    Hope you enjoy it!
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