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Thread: Payroll Budgets

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    Payroll Budgets

    Does anyone know how to edit payroll budgets in BM2K7??


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    Re: Payroll Budgets

    Adjust city/regional population in the City Editor, along with per capita income.

    Lower your expenses in farm system/scouting/medical.

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    Re: Payroll Budgets

    payroll budget = expected revenue - expected non-payroll expenses

    So anything that changes expected revenue or expected non-payroll expenses changes the payroll budget.

    Expected revenue comes from Tickets, Broadcast, and Concessions
    Revenue Help Page

    Expected non-payroll expenses are based on spending on Medical Staff, Farm System, and Scouting.
    Expense Help Page

    Budget Strategy Help Page

    Changing city stats will change revenue.
    City Editor Help Page

    In BMOnline, the formula is payroll budget = expected revenue - expected non-payroll expenses + (25% of Cash), but do not see it documented as such for BBM2K7 and I have not checked it.
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