If you want a bug to get fixed, please report it with a descriptive thread name.

If I see a thread posted 3 days ago with a name like "Clay please fix this bug" -- I probably won't read the thread because I'll assume it's describing something I already know about.

By the same token, I'll probably ignore a thread like "This game is terrible".

(I was trying to edit some of the thread names to make them more informative, but this version of vBulletin has some bugs that keeps me from editing some of the threads).

Anyway, if you use a title like "Pitch count too high in Manager Mode" or "Transaction Log corrupted by team name changes", then I will read the post and try to fix it as soon as I can.

Also, two things that are probably worth noting for every bug:

1) Does it occur during Simulation, General Manager Mode, Manager Mode, Player Mode -- or all 4?
2) If it occurs in Play-By-Play, does it happen for human-controlled teams, computer-controlled teams, or both.