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  1. Re: Ability to edit draft classes and better photo integration

    In fbm 17 when editing or attempting to edit a draft class, it'll come back and say that the player cannot be copied bcause room for the player does not exist. The ability to add players to draft...
  2. FbM17 14.20 after some interaction mog is sticking after playing one season

    Wonder if anyone has come across this. also finding that when you go to an off-sseasonand then go to the league editor to make some change and hit done that the mog goes backwards to week 17 of the...
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    Re: Not Sure How to Download Patches

    The following is the page you're looking for.
    Don't know why you would be getting a blank page in Diamond but the page that the button is...
  4. Re: Something wrong with the Amateur Draft????

    To me it would have made much more sense to give a team a second pick in the fifth round. It really isn't that big of a deal necessarily but to me that would have been a more logical thing to do. I...
  5. Re: Saving and re-using a roster for a particular year

    I experimented with this yesterday using football mogul and saw this before that in one of Connor's blog posts as well. I changed the name of the current universe file to something like...
  6. Something wrong with the Amateur Draft????

    26 teams in 1979, 115 players in the Amateur draft. By the sixth round I had no one to Pick??? Really????? For 6 rounds there should have been a total of 156 players, by the logic of 1 pick for...
  7. Re: How do you setup two historic teams from different years to play against each ot

    You should be able to do this by using the league builder in the start of the game. That's where you can make a league picking the years and teams that you want. I think the league you make has to...
  8. 1904 Pirates trying to balance budget

    I've just sold Bucky Vail to the Washington Senators for almost $15,000. I had an over budget amount of $10,000. After the sale of the player the new balance should show me as $4800 under my budget....
  9. Re: v20.16 Trading Block Issues ("All Players" vs Specific Position)

    In trying this myself, it didn't work the first time. Then it worked and I wasn't sure why. Then I had gotten it to work again after hitting the add to list button. I selected Dave Parker from my...
  10. Re: v20.16 Trading Block Issues ("All Players" vs Specific Position)

    I take it you hadn't noticed this with past versions of bbmogul recently before 20.16?bb
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    Re: And the WINNER is...

    Actually was wondering the same thing today as I had a big lead before the completion of 5 innings and was going to take the starter out but decided not to.
  12. Re: Batting averages against current pitchers

    Just saw this today in 20.16 and it's probably been there. It's just the first time I'd probably noticed it. It's at the very bottom around where the home pitcher is in the lin up.
  13. Had the funniest oddest damned thing happen in 20.15

    Yesterday I started a game in v20.15 between the Pittsburgh pirates and New Yourk Giants in 1904. Had the lineup for the pirates so that Bill Holman was the center fielder. As I went on in the game...
  14. Saving and re-using a roster for a particular year

    Wondered if anyone knew what the best way is to savie and re-use a particular roster to re-play a season for a particular year.b
  15. Re: Incorrect Contract Length on Scouting Page?

    Good point I'd say that you have here. Was wondering the following: When you re-egotiated with your player, how did you do it? Did you use the negotiate button on the scouting report page, If not...
  16. Batting averages against current pitchers

    Anyone know of a way of seeing season batting averages against the current pitcher that's on the mound? If there is a way to see this, not sure how to go about getting to it. I think this would be a...
  17. Re: "Depth Chart" ... No relief pitchers showing

    Clay for some of the Mogs that i use, I had to re-calculate endurance ratings through advanced tools to fix these issues for what I had going on.
  18. Re: Problems with scouting reports for Relief Pitchers - Currently using version 20.1

    It's possible that I may have solved my scouting report problem as it relates to relief pitchers not being marked accurately as such. Far as I can tell this was occurring in Mogs that I'd started in...
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    Re: Colorado Rockies 1993

    As it turns out there was a button to switch the leagues and although it took me a while and was finally able to change the standings the way I wanted.
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    Re: Colorado Rockies 1993

    The following is the only thing that I've found to work to be able to do this.
    If wanting to change a human controlled team's division or League before a season, Do the following:
    1. If human team...
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    Colorado Rockies 1993

    Started a new mog for the Colorado Rockies for 1993. I have them in the American league switching them with Minnesota. After doing that, I am seeing the National League standings. Since I have the...
  22. An understandable schedule listing

    This one is to Clay and Connor. I wonder at some point, if we could have a ttext file or something that would contain the schedule for each season and be in an easy format to understand. Say like...
  23. Re: Not able to see the team city names while commissioner mode is enabled

    Okay seems as though my screen speaking program isn't fond of the colors that were chosen for commissioner mode as opposed to when commissioner mode is disabled and since the screen is one set of...
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    Re: batters vanish

    I've seen this type of behavior with prior version but it's been nothing that refreshing the screen or re-focusing the app didn't fix. Not saying that your problem here isn't a real one though.
  25. Mod for the ability to view schedules in progress

    Anyone have a mod that can be used to view schedules in the middle of a mog? Like being able to see Apr 19 Nym at Mon so that one can see who the nextgame/series is with? If so you can attach it...
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