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  1. Re: 62% support detaining or immediately deporting all illegal people in the USA

    This is really funny coming from a guy who listens to Muse - the whitest, most boring thing in the history of the world. Did you see that President Trump appears to have gotten more of the black...
  2. Re: Edit Columns in College Draft menu and Sortable Stats menu doesnt 'save'

    Yes, it is quite enervating as one needs a fair amount of information immediately available in order to make a sound judgement. Having to set up my 'scouting reports' from scratch each time...
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    Re: Game day rosters limits

    Another nice addition would be having to select a 45 man gameday roster just like in the NFL. Again, I like to keep my team around 60 (for salary cap purposes if no other) but the spector of running...
  4. Re: Because of this interview NPR has Stopped Live INTERVIEWS

    In my experience only the most boring, uninformed, pretentious people listen to NPR. If stranded on a desert island I would choose to go slowly insane rather than listen to that drivel. I suppose...
  5. Run/Pass option and Offensive/Defensive formations

    It would be neat to be able to do the run/pass package plays that are becoming popular in the NFL the past few years. Also it would be cool if the play formations and play design was more flexible...
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    Re: Expansions?

    The baseball mogul automatically adds the expansion teams and changes around the divisions. It would be nice to have FM do the same thing - I like to start in 1970 and I'd like automatic expansions...
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    Re: Game day rosters limits

    I would agree. I always limit my own team to about 60 players (considering that some would be practice squad players) but it is annoying to see that the computer always has the full 90 players.
  8. Edit Columns in College Draft menu and Sortable Stats menu doesnt 'save'

    I am playing FM 2018 with patch 15.04 on windows 10 (i think). I like to be able to see certain ratings and stats when I pull up the College Draft or Sortable Stats menus. I like to have a lot of...
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    FM 2018 saved games not reloading properly.

    I am playing using windows 10 (I think) and have been playing Football Mogul 2018 with all four of the most recent patches 15.01-15.04. I only play on mogul level. I have found that when I reload...
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