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  1. Re: Administer Blocking Football Mogul 2014 in Windows 10

    Try: Right Click on the Installation program. Select "Run As Administrator"
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    Rework the Game Simulation Engine

    Currently the quality of the Offensive Line and Defensive Backs have little apparent affect on a play. A starting OL with every member rated 99 in Pass and Rush Blocking often performs no differently...
  3. Re: Version 15.07 randomly freezing after season ends

    You can try uninstalling the program (use the system uninstall utility [Programs and Features->Uninstall a Program] so that registry entries are removed), rebooting the computer and reinstalling the...
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    Re: Game Ends Before XP Attempt

    The issue of a touchdown being scored on the final play of regulation is a current version (15.08) bug. It causes games to go into overtime when they should not, causes games NOT to go into overtime...
  5. Thread: OffSeason Issue

    by als

    Re: OffSeason Issue

    You should post this under Bugs. Indicate which version you are running. You can get the version by clicking on Help->About Football Mogul...

    The developers focus on the Bugs section, not the...
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    Re: Slow down draft to pause between picks?

    There is no way that I know of to pause, prior to your pick, during the draft. I agree with you that it would be nice to trade up if a desired player is available. To "get around" the lack of this...
  7. Allow viewing of previous years games and records

    On the Standings, Calendar and Playoff screens add previous and next year buttons (just as you have on the Draft tab). This should be easy to implement since the displays are already generated by...
  8. Rename the Output Directory to Output_FranchiseName

    This will allow the playing of multiple Franchises concurrently. This is not possible now since the Box, Recap and Standings files are overwritten.
  9. Improve the player Overall / Peak / Attribute normalization

    Currently, normalization appears to be done following the College Draft and is unevenly done with some players maintaining their Overall and Peak values while others (seemingly randomly) take massive...
  10. Players->Sortable Stats: Edit Columns modificaiton

    Request that the buttons for stats and ratings be changed to check boxes so that multiple items can be selected.

    Request that a "select all stats" button be added next to the "clear all selected...
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    Players->Find Players default values

    Request that the default values under the "at least" fields be changed from 50 to 0. In the previous version of FB Mog, the lowest attribute value was 50. So using the default values in these fields...
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    Improve the Draft Pick Trading Algorithm

    This has been improved over what it used to be; however, there are still occasions when offering a early/mid 1st round pick only results in 2nd round offerings. Most noticable is after 3 to 4 trades...
  13. Improve Point Spread / Power Ranking Algorithm

    Just started a Franchise. My team under Finances->Power Rank is rated 24th. Under Calendar my team is favored to win EVERY game while playing the #4 ranked team twice and the #2, #3, #6 & #10 teams...
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    Draft Order is Incorrect

    Draft order is currently (FB Mog 18 v15.0.8) done based upon a teams record. Only the teams with the worst records and the Superbowl winner and loser are in their correct draft order.

    In the NFL:...
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    Re: Fan Level is Too Hard!

    I have not found trading for punters and kickers to be difficult at the fan level. However, I am using fictional players, so perhaps that makes a difference. Try making a straight cash offer for a...
  16. Re: FbM17 14.20 after some interaction mog is sticking after playing one season

    What did you change in the League Editor?
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    Re: Huge Overall/Peak drop after 1 season [13.06]

    Oops! Forgot one item. After the draft (and before the first game) when you save the game and then resume the saved game, ALL of your offensive line will sometimes lose a point off their Run and Pass...
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    Re: Huge Overall/Peak drop after 1 season [13.06]

    This has been an issues for MANY years. Your players' attributes drop based upon your record of the previous year. The better the record, the more the drop. A really poor record will result in your...
  19. Thread: No fumbles???????

    by als

    Re: No fumbles???????

    You can create your own league. Go to the league editor. In the lower left there is an option to add teams. The names of the divisions can be changed. Number of games per season can be changed. You...
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    Re: Game recap and box score opens in Notepad

    go to the Output directory. Right click on the file name. Select Properties. Under the General tab, where it states "Opens with", click on the "change..." button and select the browser you want to...
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    Re: Bugs, development, anything?

    WRT the comment that you have not abandoned FB mogul.

    I am close to never playing the game again. In previous posts I have commented on the potential of the game. I have provided multiple comments...
  22. Re: FB Mogul: 20 Comments and Observations on Playing the Game (Part 3 of 3)

    Interesting view point. Given your viewpoint, that if the computer player does not do it then it is cheating, you are cheating if you: make trades, change players' positions, change the play book,...
  23. FB Mogul: 20 Comments and Observations on Playing the Game (Part 3 of 3)

    10 Trading algorithm

    It is awful. Try to trade the #1 pick in a draft for the #20 pick. Won't happen. Absolutely ridiculous. If the Houston Texans had offered an even swap of their #1 for a lower...
  24. FB Mogul: 20 Comments and Observations on Playing the Game (Part 2 of 3)

    2. How to get additional draft picks.

    Go to the Free Agent list and sort by age. Sign any players between the ages of 21 and 23 who have a Peak over 70. Go to the Trading Block and offer them for...
  25. FB Mogul: 20 Comments and Observations on Playing the Game (Part 1 of 3)

    Because of the 10,000 character limitation of this bulletin board, this post is in three parts.

    Years ago, I purchased FB mogul. The earliest version on my current computer is version 4 (2006). I...
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