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  1. Delayed emails regarding posts on watched threads

    I am getting emails for replies to watched threads days/weeks after the actual post has been made.
  2. Re: 32-33 year old players have ridiculous Overall drop

    I've noticed this since 2016. It's a reason I stick with Diamond.
  3. Re: Baseball Mogul 2018 BETA --Some players out of sorts

    I've noticed all players 25+ are "peaked" even minor leaguers.
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    Steam Baseball Mogul 2018

    Do I have to buy another copy of BBM18 on Steam to experience achievements and the like, or can it work with the copy I purchased from Sports Mogul's official page?
  5. 21.02 [Free agents seeking below minimum salary][Fixed v21.04]

    The major league minimum is around $640,000 for BBM18 but the free agents are consistently asking for much less than that.

    This is an issue I have not come across before 18.
  6. Re: V 21.02 - Stadium Data & Demographics

    Raleigh, NC is off by 300,000, it's only 100k in the game and 400k IRL.

    I mean anyone looking to start/move a team to that area would choose Charlotte but the city data should be checked for...
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    Re: Baseball Mogul 2018

    I will continue to support Baseball Mogul and buy the games but I prefer to play with Diamond. The changes in player development that began with 2016 and have continued bother me.

    In the last...
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    Re: Baseball Mogul 2018

    I'd like to see a viable schedule template for 37+ teams. The game allows 40 total teams but will remove all star game and HR derby at 40.
  9. Suggestions regarding expansion teams

    1. Right now every expansion team starts with 50,000 seat stadium with the standard attributes. I would like a chance to design my own stadium and set the dimensions when I create my team without...
  10. Re: Baseball Mogul 2018 BETA --Some players out of sorts

    Not a mistake but Conor Gillaspie has been retired and he probably will retire but I'd like him as a free agent. :(

    Also Casey Gillaspie is in the White Sox system at AAA but was not included.
  11. Suggestion and issue with expansion team (new ones) AI almost always uses Santa Ana

    Whenever I start an expansion team the AI always seems to be in Santa Ana... this has gone on since 2015/Diamond when it came out.

    I'd like better randomization or an option to choose their...
  12. Re: Game shuts down when clicking on head-to-head, V20.24

    I had this problem as well but when I uninstalled the game and reinstalled from the download link for getting BBM2018, it works.
  13. Stop game from forcing itself above other tabs when simming multiple seasons.

    I love Baseball Mogul.
    One of my favorite things to do is to run multiple seasons 100+ from the current year of my sim, sometimes even 3 BBM running at once!

    The game isn't too...
  14. Clicking Close All Scouting Reports opens up Help Menu [20.22 and earlier?]

    This has been a bug/feature for quite a while. When you have a bunch of scouting reports open at once, you can click the Close All Scouting Reports buttons to get them off your screen quickly.

  15. Questions about defensive spectrum and BBM

    I think defensive spectrum/shifting positions was added maybe in 2014/15/Diamond, but not sure.

    I have a few questions that I don't feel are proper for suggestions or bugs.

    1. Does forcing a...
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    Re: Baseball Mogul 2018

    I'll probably buy it just because I support Clay and his hard work, but I still use Diamond despite owning 16/17.
  17. Add "Bill James Favorite Toy" calculations

    It would be cool to have this in Mogul so you can see the predicted odds of players reaching milestones.
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    Re: Time Limit on "new version" popup

    I've stuck with Diamond. I enjoy the effort of entering stats and seeing the ratings that the game produces based on my input.

    I also don't like the player development mechanism used in 2016/17......
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    Poll: Re: where have all the leagues gone?

    I'm not too much into online leagues for BBM. Partially because I'm not that good at them... also because I mostly like simming in BBM and not the micromanagement of each week.
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    Re: this player is colorful..

    There are a few easter eggs I think.

    There used to be "Heywood Jablome" and some Dresloughs.

    As a Beta test for Baseball Mogul 2007, my last name [Radin] was added. :P
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    Baseball mogul on wikipedia

    Been locked in an edit war with auto reverters like sro23.

    Someone that isn't me me update.

    Or not. The guy behind...
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    Sticky: Re: Unofficial Patch: Version 19.25

    I would personally like to see most recent transactions remain over the older ones. :)

    Also things like hitting streaks and shorter injuries could go to save room for things like trades/awards.
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    Re: Problem with 2016 [fixed 20.04]

    One of your catcher is both DH and personal catcher for a pitcher so they bat twice and the other catcher doesn't play. I think this is the bug you are seeing.
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    Sticky: Re: Unofficial Patch: Version 19.25

    The games still load up to 25 years of transaction data for older saves, starting with the beginning of the game. Is this fixable or not priority for most players?
  25. Re: What to expect with Baseball Mogul 2017?

    It is very fun. :)
    Though once you get to 2100+ there are some issues. Attendance starts to go down. I think this is partially because of the stadium deteriorating over time. I've run "Sim Multiple...
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