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  1. Re: BBM2018 (21.04) Salaries out of whack

    Yep, I reported this previously as well. The inflation index doesn't load correctly. It always loads as 25,600 no matter what year your sim starts in.
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    BM 18 Classic Sim Inflation Index

    I'm running version 21.04 and no matter what year I try to start a classic sim in, the inflation index is set to 25,600, meaning the player salaries are way too high. If I change the inflation index...
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    Re: Basketball and Hockey

    I think most people here would prefer Clay to focus on continually improving Baseball Mogul. There are plenty of good options for the other sports by other companies.
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    Re: basebal mogul 2010

    I don't have the 2010 version, but I have the 2011 game. If it's set up the same way, go to the League Editor menu and in the League Configuration area of the screen right next to where it says...
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    Re: quick question?

    In the forum or in the game? If it's in the forum, click on the "A" to get your palette of colors. If it's in the game, you have to go to the Tools menu, select Options, then either choose a...
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    Poll: Re: where have all the leagues gone?

    I rarely play Baseball Mogul single player any longer. There just seem to be too many issues with the last several versions to make it worthwhile. That being said, I am in 2 leagues, and I enjoy them...
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    Re: What's the verdict?

    This patch is supposed to fix the omission of Ramirez, among other things.....
  8. Re: The NBAs one-and-done rule has ruined the NCAA tournament

    I hate the one and done rule, because I would like to see the top players stay in school for more than 1 season. But it in no way has ruined college basketball. College basketball to me is FAR more...
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    Re: What to expect with Baseball Mogul 2017?

    Agreed 100%. I don't care at all about the additional options. Just get an accurate, relatively bug-free version of the game this year that's playable from the release. The other options can be added...
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    Re: The Political Compass

    Gandhi is a bit conservative and authoritarian compared to me....

    Economic Left/Right: -7.63
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.67
  11. Re: Is "BM Diamond" the same as "BM 2016"???

    Baseball Mogul Diamond is the 2015 version of the game with last year's rosters. BM 2016 is this year's version of the game, with this year's rosters.
  12. Re: Whats the Difference Between Basbeall Mogul Diamond and Baseball Mogul 15?

    Clay said somewhere in the forums here that he named last year's version Diamond so the game wouldn't be a year ahead on the title anymore. I believe there wasn't a purpose other than that.
  13. Re: Pete's OPENING DAY Roster 2015 - for BM09,10,11,12,13,14&15

    PM sent! Thanks Pete! :)
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    Re: Basketball strategy games

    The best college basketball sim game I have played by far is Fast Break College Basketball, which is available at
    It's a fantasy game, so none of the players...
  15. Re: Pete's OPENING DAY Roster 2015 - for BM09,10,11,12,13,14&15

    Pete, I can no longer get the rosters to download using the link provided. I get to the page where they are listed, and it there is a button to download them, but it never downloads when I click it....
  16. Re: Official "What are you thinking about right now?" (Political Version)

    Apparently Pete was one of the people that was easy to brainwash.....
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    Re: Best version of Mogul since 2010?

    I'm guessing the general consensus will be 2011 is the best since 2010. The editions after that all seem buggier, although I will say 2014 works well for the online league I'm in.
  18. Re: 5 Bands/Artists you are currently listening to

    Love the new Duncan CD, Legerdemain! His music is always so consistently good, and nobody else really sounds like him.
  19. Re: 18.07 - Trades are incredibly rare

    I've had a similar experience with nearly all trades consisting of 1 player for nothing.
  20. Re: 18.04-Ticket prices and concessions out of whack.

    The AI seems to gradually adjust over time
  21. Re: 18.04-Ticket prices and concessions out of whack.

    Any idea how long it will take for the AI to adjust the prices for the computer controlled teams once this is done in a previously started game?
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    Re: Diamond so far?

    Yes contracts are in for all players.
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    Re: HoustonGM's Baseball Mogul Diamond Rosters

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that JD Martinez is listed as a Free Agent after 2015, when in actuality it isn't until 2018. His contract should be set to Arbitration.
  24. Re: Baseball Mogul Diamond - new features for the next version

    Just want to give a shout out to HoustonGM for the MUCH IMPROVED rosters over the last couple of years. Great job, as usual! I have always enjoyed your rosters, and glad I am able to do so once...
  25. Thread: 40-man

    by cadmus2166

    Re: 40-man

    Are there any other new features that were pushed back in addition to this?
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