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  1. Re: How much does this guard way?

    There's an error in players.csv

    you can fix it in the csv then do advanced tools > create modern database in mogul to fix the datebase.
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    Re: 16.00 No Logos

    im getting this error in the debug.txt

    Unknown error #: -2147467260.
    1536109394 ERROR: Download_File_From_URL(Debug/Download-Formats.txt, failed:...
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    Re: 16.00 No Logos

    2018 season

    I've also got no concessions images
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    16.00 No Logos

    See attached screenshot
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    Re: 15.00 Sim goes very slow.

    Ive just got Football Mogul 2019 and it still has this same problem.
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    Re: 15.00 Sim goes very slow.

    2017, but its also happens in future seasons too. Ive never played historical.
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    Re: 15.00 Sim goes very slow.

    Just did some tests with 15.01, game slowed way down at week 14, once it finished i checked debug.txt and there was no errors.
    Also it only slows down when processing the team i'm playing as. If i...
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    Re: 15.00 DraftTalent.txt

    I just tried setting draft talent in the league settings to +100% and -100% and both times i got around 20 players with a peak of 90+ in each draft class.
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    15.00 Sim goes very slow.

    Some times when i sim to playoffs when it gets to about week 13 or 14, sometimes later, it stops on one game and goes very slow, in the top left i can see the score change very slowly. The score of...
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    15.00 DraftTalent.txt

    Is drafttalent.txt working as intended? as i cant seem to get it to make any sort of change to the draft pool.

    What i want to do is reduce the average overall of most positions from around 85 to...
  11. [13.12] Ticket, Concessions and Expenses prices all get reset.

    Ticket, Concessions and Expenses all get reset/changed at the start of every season so i keep have to change them back to what i want.
  12. [13.12] Punt and Kick return ratings dropping

    Start of game 10+ players with 90+ punt or kick returning.
    After 5 seasons best punt and kick return is 81

    Return stats are also down after 5 seasons as a result.
  13. [13.12] RBs getting way too many catches.

    E.g. Lacy is averaging 120 receptions 2015-2019
    Yeldon went from 105 to 163 targets in 2018
    Brown 99 targets in 2018 to 156 in 2019

    Im wondering as WR ratings are dropping off into the high 70's...
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    [13.12] Rushing yardage too high.

    Alot of RBs are getting close to or over 6.00 per carry on their career.
  15. [13.12] Player attributes too low after multiple seasons.

    After 5 seasons here are the overall rating for best player at position.

    RB 82
    FB 72
    TE 81
    WR 85
    T 87 (not too bad, still a bit low)
    C 86
    DE 85
    S 87 (second best 82)
  16. [13.12] Player attributes too low when starting new game.

    When starting a new game with 13.12 patch 2nd best DT overall is only 85, 2nd best DE overall is 85, Best Linebacker overall is 84! Best Safety overall is 84!
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    Re: 13.12 Trading is too difficult

    I just started a new game with Jacksonville and used the trade block to offer their backup punter for a kicker and got 82, 85, 86 and 89 rated kickers offered.
  18. Still issues with ratings after 5 seasons. [13.11]

    Started a new game with 13.11 and used Play Multiple Seasons to do 5 seasons.


    As you can see from the attached image.

    Ignore FB rating, typo, should be 80 not 90.

    The Best TEs drop...
  19. Ticket, Concession, Scouting, Medical prices reset at each season start [13.11]

    At the start of each new season the game resets my Ticket, Concession, Medical and Scouting expenses to the default values.
    Also after I changed Green Bays defence to 4-3 it changes it back to 3-4...
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    Re: Load Player Ratings?

    It replaces all player ratings in the game with the ones in Player_Ratings.csv.
    It just restores the ratings to what they are when you start a new game.
  21. Re: Huge Overall/Peak drop after 1 season [13.06]

    Then they all drop 15 points again at the end of the season.
  22. Re: Huge Overall/Peak drop after 1 season [13.06]

    What I'm describing is a new issue, every defensive player for every team is losing 15 points after 1 season.
    This didn't happen last year.
  23. Huge Overall/Peak drop after 1 season [13.06]

    When the 2nd season starts all players overall/peak drop way too much.

    QB/RB/FB/WR/TE drop 2 points
    O-Line drop 5-6 points

    But by far the worse is defence
    After 1 season at DE only JJ Watt...
  24. Re: Check for Free Update points to FM2013 not FM2014

    "Help" -> "About football mogul..." -> "check for free update" goes to the 2013 update page

    clicking "check for a free update" before you load a game correctly goes to 2014 update page
  25. Thread: The Draft

    by Richard99

    Re: The Draft

    This file doesnt seem to be working very well, i had to do 400 for O-line guys to get the peak from 80 to 90 and as for Tight Ends i still get 5+ 90+(Peak) rated TEs in every draft with -1000.
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