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  1. Re: TECH: [23.02] Player Database Missing Players on "Modern" Start

    J.D. Martinez is now on the red sox. 23.03.
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    Usable schedule formats

    Hey Anyone know how to get a usable schedule format from Baseball mogul Mogs??? Thought this might be a good place to ask. Looking for Atl @ NYY. Something similar to that instead of the numbers...
  3. Re: TECH: [23.02] Player Database Missing Players on "Modern" Start

    J.D. Martinez is neither in the active or the retired players list when doing a find. In looking for Martinez I found that Mookie Betz is on the Red sox and he's supposed to be on the Dodgers as...
  4. Re: TECH: [23.02] Player Database Missing Players on "Modern" Start

    Have you tried looking in retired players doing a find and then if he exists there unretired him and then sign him to the red sox? That's usually the first thing I do if I'm unable to locate...
  5. Re: 2020 Schedule (What would have been)

    Jordan, You can reach me at and I'll get those files to ya. Thanks. If you send me a quick e-mail, I'll reply back to ya with them.
  6. Re: 2020 Schedule (What would have been)

    I can give you one that I know that the teams don't match the numbers. By each division everything's fine but the alphabetical order in each division isn't right. For whatever reason I'm not...
  7. Re: 2020 Schedule (What would have been)

    That's pretty much it I think you got it. If there's a way you could do that that would be great.
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    add-on applications for Mogul

    I've seen reference to a bunchof these different things around here and definitely would like to get ahold of some of them. Especially looking for something that will put out some sort of a legible...
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    Re: Game Logs Don't Count CG or SO

    I would want strikeouts counted I think moreso than complete games, especially now. I don't know if this would be possible it might be nice for complete games maybe to be counted up to say the early...
  10. Re: 2020 Schedule (What would have been)

    Very cool. I'm told that it wasn't for whatever reason included in the actual version as yet either for some strange reason. You wouldn't happen to have anything for schedule output would you? ...
  11. Re: Did Baseball Mogul 2020 launch today, march 26?

    On the receipt e-mails, I think clay had mentioned some problem with weebly thus the PDF file.
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    Re: Mogul 2020 Rosters

    Well I certainly haven't anything new on that front but what I'm wondering is why the free agent list can be significantly bigger than the list of players on each team. It would be nice to be able...
  13. Re: Did Baseball Mogul 2020 launch today, march 26?

    Yes It has launched. He did send a newsletter e-mail yesterday. You get forty percent off with the code BASEBALL but you have already purchasedit so just keep up with them and keep e-mailing them. ...
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    Re: retired player and their position

    Hello again. I was able to fix this problem with this player by changing the ratings and position wh while leaving him as a free agent with his age around 40 or so.
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    Re: Baseball Mogul 2020

    I don't know f this is true and it didn't come from Clay but I thought I saw something somewhere online about the 24th of March. By some accounts I'm getting today these games might be the only...
  16. Thread: Charts

    by Joey_baseball

    Re: Charts

    My guess is that you're using the 22.12 version? I know he has an unofficial one out as sort of a 2020 preview of sorts but thought I'd ask just to be sure.
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    retired player and their position

    Just recently had an issue where when I was trying to fix a and re-add a retired player to the game that when he was re-added his position had changed from second base to left field. The odd thing...
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    Re: Expanded Game Log

    In version 22.13 I understand clay put in a game log that shows up to 40 games, although I'd not found way to change the 40 games to say 20 or something like that. 22.13 and 22.14 are not official...
  19. Re: 22.10 (and all prior games, I think?) - Calendars never change

    Can't say as I've seen this but the schedules all seem to have the year 2002 in the text files, don't know why that would be but as I've said I can't say as I've seen that one before. While I'm...
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    2019 Roster Updates???

    Anyone have any updates for 2019??? I'm sure this is happening on other teams also but as for the Steelers there are players that are on the team for real that Clay hasn't added to his Steeler...
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    Re: Update????????

    Biggest thing I need an update on is the 2018 rosters and punts and kickoffs, the problem being here that kickers are making tackles on Punts and vice versa. This should not be occurring. I just saw...
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    Re: Roster update?

    Not that I've seen of heard of yet. I'm trying to find a way of combining mog files but don't know of a way of doing that. i have one that I've added about 20 Steeler preseason players to that...
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    Re: Schedules

    17.02, Wondering if the just added historical schedules take affect beyond the first year????? Not noticing that they do.
  24. Re: Featuring FBs from the Past & the Present

    Yeah really good stuff there Ed...
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    Re: Just bought the new Football Mogul

    When entering the game you can go to check for update and your browser will then take you to their updates page and you can download them all from there. 17.02 is the latest one.
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