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    Free Agency has begun. We have several open teams. Stop by and check us out.
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    The playoffs are over and the off-season is upon us. This is the perfect time to sign up for a team. Congrats to mattynokes and his Dortmund Gold for winning the 2032 World Series.
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    The trade deadline has passed. The playoffs are live this Wednesday on Twitch @ 9pm ET! Stop by and check it out if you're around.
  4. Re: Global Baseball Association (

    Portland is filled. We still have 6 open teams. BRO, CCX, DVE, HKS, MEL and MEX. Stop by.
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    Two new teams just opened up after I caught a GM trying to cheat.

    Portland Beavers & Hong Kong Sea Monsters

    Stop by and pay us a visit. If you're having trouble with the site using google...
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    Houston has been filled. The original post has been updated to reflect that. Sim 8 is tonight @ 9pm ET.
  7. Global Baseball Association (

    GBA is looking for GMs. We're a 20-team league with fictional players and fictional teams, all with custom logos. We've been running since June 2017 but we started with a 3 month long fantasy draft....
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