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    Re: Patch 23.10 Bug per Older Seasons

    Version 23.15 should fix this:

    (Sorry for the bug in 23.10. I chose poorly when I decided to implement the new MLB playoff format in...
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    Re: 23.11 broke my game

    Version 23.15 should fix this:
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    Re: BBM 23.12 Negative Stats

    Is this right after you started a New Game in 1973? Or did you start playing in a previous season?
  4. Re: Schedule teams are playing threeways

    That's not good. So you started in 2020 and then added 4 teams to bring the league up to 34 teams?

    Did you add 2 teams to each league? Did it say it was "generating" a schedule after you added the...
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    Sticky: Baseball Mogul 2020: Version 23.13

    Version 23.13 of Baseball Mogul 2020 is now available:

    This is still an unofficial patch because of the new 16-team playoff format. It's...
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    Sticky: Re: Editing Rosters in Football Mogul

    1) I have fixed the link in the original post of this thread (and I'm currently in the process of updating the information in that post).
    2) Football Mogul now has teams and rosters going back to...
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    Re: Football Mogul 21 playoff update?

    Yes. This is part of the Automatic Expansion code in the off-season. You can also change number of playoff teams in the League Editor.
  8. Re: FM 20 vs FM 21 Defense Rating Issues

    I don't think it's *all* defensive ratings, but I do see that there is only one player with a Tackling rating of 90+.

    All player ratings are calibrated so that the league average for starters is...
  9. Re: All time league does not have all time players

    Should have a patch up this week (by May 8, 2020) that fixes this. I fixed the old/dead players, but some of the Yankees aren't loading for some reason. :(
  10. Re: All time league does not have all time players

    1. There is a bug with age calculation for "time-shifted" players that I'm fixing in Version 23.05 right now.

    2. All of the players for "All-Time All-Stars" are hard-coded into "All-Time...
  11. Re: 2020 Schedule (What would have been)

    FYI here's the official 2020 schedule that will be included in the first patch later this week.

    If you copy this to Input/Schedules/ and start a new game in 2020, it will use the real schedule (or...
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    Best Games To Watch On YouTube?

    Hi Folks!

    I'm here working on Baseball Mogul while Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS plays in the background on YouTube.

    Great game. But I already know how it ends. :(

    I would love some...
  13. Sticky: Re: Unofficial Patch: Version "22.14 TEST"

    This version also includes a "Special Tool" button in the lower right corner of Advanced Tools (on the Tools Menu). This opens up the "Skin Color Tool", an attempt to crowdsource the player skin tone...
  14. Sticky: Official Patch: Baseball Mogul 2019 Version 22.15

    Version 22.15 of Baseball Mogul 2019 is now available here.

    1. This fixes an annoying bug that made it difficult to progress in the off-season if your team was in debt.
    2. Also fixes a problem...
  15. Unofficial Patch: Baseball Mogul 2020 Version 23.01

    Version 23.01 of Baseball Mogul 2020 is now available here.

    Changes from Version 23.00 to 23.01 include:
    1) 2020 MLB season schedule.
    2) Missing "rookies" signed from Japan and Korea.
    3) More...
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    Re: please revert to diamond for 2020

    The overall results are more accurate since Diamond as I'm better able to calibrate the ratings. One big complaint in Diamond and earlier was that ratings "spun out of control", either ending up with...
  17. Predictions for 2019 NFL Completion Percentage?

    Question: What will the league-wide completion percentage be in the 2019-2020 season (and beyond)?

    Background info: The league-wide completion percentage for the last 13 seasons:

    2006: 62.0...
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    Baseball Mogul Survey

    I've created a 5-minute survey about features you'd like to see in Baseball Mogul:

    I realize this survey doesn't include all possible improvements, but it...
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    Re: Time Limit on "new version" popup

    I understand your frustration with the "New Version" popup but I can't go back to every previous version and fix this.

    The Options Dialog (on the Tools Menu) has a checkbox for "Check For New...
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    Re: Time Limit on "new version" popup

    If you send me these schedules I can probably include them in the game for the years (or league formats) that they work with.


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    Poll: Boxscore Suggestion


    I'm inclined to make this change. However, I'm worried that someone has written a box score parser that would be negatively impacted. Thoughts?
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    Poll: Scouting Report Display Order


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    Re: patch 22-8

    Great question. I'm looking at a few different major updates I can make for next year and should be posting some polls here fairly soon to get a better idea of which parts of the game need the...
  24. Re: Inaccurate player ratings (2019 start) 22.06

    In Commissioner Mode, Sandoval is a 71 and Longoria is a 74. Based on his performance so far, the Longoria projections are probably pretty accurate, but it looks like Big Pando is outperforming his...
  25. Re: 22.07 - Box score or game recap files do not open

    It looks like I accidentally uploaded v22.06A as v22.07. If you redownload and re-install the patch, it should fix this problem:
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