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  1. Re: Inaccurate player ratings (2019 start) 22.06

    In Commissioner Mode, Sandoval is a 71 and Longoria is a 74. Based on his performance so far, the Longoria projections are probably pretty accurate, but it looks like Big Pando is outperforming his...
  2. Re: 22.07 - Box score or game recap files do not open

    It looks like I accidentally uploaded v22.06A as v22.07. If you redownload and re-install the patch, it should fix this problem:
  3. Re: 22.00 Historical Stats wrong for players who had more than one stint with a team

    Thanks for pointing out these errors. This is unfortunately not an easy fix because I don't have accurate stint values right now. I can probably rebuild the 'Database' files (e.g. "Batting.csv") but...
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    Re: 22.02: Game randomly shuts down

    If you are still have this problem with Version 22.06, can you upload the saved game file here:


  5. Re: Photos Not Loading (BBM2019, V22.01)

    Thanks for pointing this out! This is fixed in the current patch.
  6. Re: Running VERY slow on my machine.

    Is this from a new game started in 2019? What team are you controlling?

    Slowdowns are often the result of warning messages being written to the "debug.txt" file. These are warnings that help me...
  7. Re: Custom League not Working

    "League Builder" and "All-Time All Stars" were broken in 22.00 and 22.01 but are fixed for Version 22.02:

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    Re: Naming Convention for Photos

    Check out Version 22.02 and let me know if this work with your photo sets.

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    Sticky: Official Patch: Version 22.06

    Version 22.06 of Baseball Mogul 2019 is now available here.

    Improvements since 22.04:

    1. Fixes contract lengths in 2019 database.
    2. Fixes 67 players being placed on incorrect teams (in new...
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    Re: Is Baseball becomingto anaylitical?

    One piece of good news is that these two trends offset each other. If you stack your starting lineup with righties against a lefty starter, the opposing manager can **** with your lineup by yanking...
  11. Re: Find Players option limited to $100,000,000 but ai GMs are crazy

    This should be fixed in v21.12 -- I made changes to the GM AI to prevent the stupid examples you showed. The 'Find Players' limit is still the same, but it adjusts with inflation so it should be able...
  12. Re: BUG: Displays "until arbitration" after contract signed (v21.10) [Fixed 21.12]

    Fixed in Version 21.12 which will be posted this week.

  13. Re: v21.07 - Game Freezes and crashes when trying to advance to next season

    Thanks for these reports. Version 21.12 fixes an off-season hang. Please let me know if you still see this problem with Version 21.12. If so, please let me know the exact steps you're following after...
  14. Re: BBM18 bug still not fixed.

    Can you expand on the steps that are causing this? If I start a new game in 1910 and make some random edits to the league I don't see this problem. But I'm probably not doing the same "customization"...
  15. Thread: Fatigue

    by Clay Dreslough

    Re: Fatigue

    They do tire. It depends on what year you are playing in, but a running back loses effectiveness and has in increased chance of injury if he exceeds the norms for his era. In 2018, this means going...
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    Re: 21.07 crashes

    Did it crash again or was it a one-time occurrence?


  17. Re: FB Mogul 18 15.10 Patch loses Playbook info

    By "losing info", do you mean the play results got erased (set to zero)?

    Or did the actual playbook get corrupted (play names, routes, etc.)?


  18. Re: How much does this guard way?

    Nice catch! I'll fix this for the patch I'm building now.
  19. Re: DT rarely tacklies in a 4-3 defense

    Example of Eagles defensive stats after simming 2018.

  20. Re: DT rarely tacklies in a 4-3 defense

    It's important that you have a Defensive Playbook appropriate for your 4-3 defense. When you change from 3-4 to 4-3, the game should prompt you to automatically load the "4-3" playbook. If that...
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    Re: 15.00 Sim goes very slow.

    Are you still encountering this problem? What season? What week?

  22. Re: FBM19 bug

    THANK YOU for this detailed feedback. This should be much better in Version 16.04.
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    Re: Issues with some FM 19 Ratings

    FYI this thread and the "critiques" therein are very useful and positive. Thanks for taking the time to describe the issues you found. I did a lot of testing in the 1980s and 1990s, forgetting that I...
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    Re: Issues with some FM 19 Ratings

    Version 16.02 now available:
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    Re: Issues with some FM 19 Ratings

    FYI, I forgot to include the revised final player database files with the Version 16.01 Patch (i.e. all the new ratings).

    Oops! (That's a bit of understatement). Pulling together the files now and...
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