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  1. Re: What to expect with Baseball Mogul 2017?

    There exists much science derived research directed efforts being made forth from sims somewhat consistent with the baseball rendition seen here. I'd made sure to retain copies of my textual content...
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    Trump Bound!

    First, want to touch upon the game theory behind voting custom. There exists many ways to conduct ballots all to which have distinct appeal. Plurality schemes have been most used in our nation's...
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    Sparks Ablaze!

    So I've been gone three months. Still have many ideas to thoroughly investigate. I'd like to be less unshakeably perfectionist if I'm able to. God's will be done in my life and made reality for those...
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    Re: After five years absent...

    No sir, there are yet to be any schwarzenegger terminators romping about the baseball diamond. Maybe at some point we'll have automative simulatrons that whole teams can practice against.
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    Re: 19.08 102 health?

    Does this status imply that players which have this health metric never get injured unless the user cranks settings to a maximum boundary? Do such excess points infer some kind of bonus value placed...
  6. Poll: Re: What to do with the radically slumping ballplayers?

    And if the hypothetical performer is a leading captain of such a team squad; or maybe even a preferential attachment heavily favored by each controlling management executive? How then do you evaluate...
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    Re: Unofficial Patch: Version 19.13

    I ran a test at one point and the created athlete registered excessive sums for error count in fielding positions that did not have accumulated statistical projections. I'd much prefer to go by...
  8. Re: How to control award winners (MVP, Cy Young, Gold Glove, etc.)!

    Not every user has the same playing style; one may place more weight upon various stats than other peer members. Such a conciliatory perspective can often call for receptive attention to any...
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    Re: Amateur Draft and Player Fatigue...

    Seems as if you are not using enough defensive substitutions, then again the injury settings could mediate personal tendencies including that of which you've clearly drawn upon. Much of what...
  10. Re: Interface enhancements - specifically for the PbP user

    I've heard from various sources, the way baseball mogul has been formatively developed encourages pbp mode and thus necessitates microscale supervision. If you want to get the most out of the game,...
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    Re: Talent Distribution Option

    As I've said before the distribution constraints help to retain order; it may seem to be an entirely fictitious imitation if we had taken away such necessary safeguards. We'd aspire for the game to...
  12. Re: How to control award winners (MVP, Cy Young, Gold Glove, etc.)!

    Not sure if the described procedure meets the ethical concerns of hard core baseball mogul fanatics. I'd much prefer a tractable algorithm that shifts in emphasized propensities that are stat based...
  13. Re: Excel based stat tracker for Baseball Mogul

    Looks as if we have a peer statistical computing enthusiast who also occupies residence over this site? Ever hear of a book titled; analyzing baseball data with r... jointly tested along with mining...
  14. Re: Import/export teams into other leagues

    Many retain their own intrinsic conception of the world beyond... yet it may feel especially soothing if we ponder about some parallel reality where the greatest baseball athletes; even from any...
  15. Poll: What to do with the radically slumping ballplayers?

    Maybe several forum users think alike in how to deal with this in sim mode.
  16. Poll: Economically sufficient world series teams?

    Perhaps there is an apparent pattern between either option.
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    Re: AI Trading

    What do you mean, your prior assertion confuses me a bit... yet there are many things of which can result from what you've previously described. Make sure commissioner authorizations has been turned...
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    Re: How do you create a Super Hero Player?

    Those sound like inflated statistics; you may have to scale them down to reasonable expectations and yet leave certain value fields intact. If the numerical projection calls for one hundred dingers,...
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    Re: Player Settings Numerical Settings?

    Even if we somehow became cavemen overnight we'd still be able to set forth the very core baseball rudiments without delay through use of any prevailing environmental amenities such as one round rock...
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    Re: Trump, As In Rump (by Bill James)

    I was going to offer an elaborate anecdote from my evolutionary psychology class taken via dual enrollment opportunity (during high school years) but the subject matter is too decidedly controversial...
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    Re: Longevity scores post 2009

    In such context, where the user cannot alter longevity scores... perhaps there'd be a way to do so in upcoming editions during import.
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    Re: Baseball Mogul 2016 First Impressions

    Thread nearly has fifty total replies; any way to stretch current amount so that it is over the prior mentioned numerical threshold??
  23. Gameplay immersed neural perks news piece

    Recreational engrossment in the form of video games can have a dopaminergic neurological intensification giving the user a feel good recurrent moment. But some virtual amusement renditions may have...
  24. Vertically structured bell curve baseball careers

    If you were in a pretend reality in which steroids didnít exist how then do you explain away [Ken] Caminitti's performance? The player, Rico Petrocelli additionally fluctuated and yet it is typically...
  25. underlying statistical tradeoff rationale

    Anyone willing to go and verify below listed simulation determinants?
    Premise1a: More line outs, reduce doubles.
    Premise1b: More fly outs, reduce homeruns.
    Premise2a: Less line outs, increase...
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