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    2020 K's out of control

    All pitchers seem to strike out about two batters per inning in the 2020 season.
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    Re: BM21 areas for improvement

    Oh yeah, and it seems like a pretty glaring omission to ignore the most exciting thing in baseball in recent years: Shohei Ohtani as a two-way player. May as well fix the Bambino while you're at it.
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    BM21 areas for improvement

    I've got three more or less long-standing areas that could use some improvement IMHO:

    1) Negro Leagues or at least star players. This is long past due, and the lack of "hard" stats should not be...
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    Re: What's next for Baseball Mogul?

    Probably, though waiting to post that until the day before MLK Day was perhaps not the best possible way to make the point. In any event, my thought is that it would do no harm to simply include in...
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    Re: What's next for Baseball Mogul?

    There is always room for more stats (WAR?), but a more meaningful addition IMHO would be some attempt to include Negro League stars. Especially now that the Negro Leagues have been recognized as...
  6. Re: Did Baseball Mogul 2020 launch today, march 26?

    I pre-purchased the beta, got the link and it looks good. I also got a msg that beta users would get a link to the "full" game that is now out, but haven't seen that yet, and don't know whether/how...
  7. Re: V20.90 Beta - Can't locate FieldingOF.csv

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    20.11 player problems [Fixed 20.12]

    Game is stable, results are decent, but two problems remain. The first is that some players with little or no ML experience show all red 50's on defense, even when they have extensive minor league...
  9. Re: 20.10 Game crashes when trying to play 2016 Cubs

    I tried the workaround and it did prevent the crash. However, the position player roster is very thin past the starters, to the point of being unplayable; the pitching roster looks ok.
  10. 19.14 historical amateur draft player ratings

    Everything works ok in a classic game until the second time you conduct an amateur draft. In that draft, player ratings bottom out. (Modern games seem not to have this bug.)
  11. Re: (19.12) Player positions don't match best defensive ratings

    Thank you Clay for a good description of this mechanic.
  12. Re: 19.04 D Historical roster ratings

    This is particularly disappointing, several patches into the 2016 version of the game. The historical ratings are all over the place, and have been since release beta testing notwithstanding. The...
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    Re: 2015 season loads 2016 rosters

    Not sure I understood your reply, Connor. I try to start classic, pick 2015, screen says it is loading 2015 data base, then finishes with 2016 identical to starting a new 2016 game.
  14. Re: Very weird ratings Patch 19.03a

    Despite claims that patches had fixed some problems, historical ratings are still garbage, starters and relievers are flipped, regulars are in the minors, and the 2015 season can't be simmed. The...
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    Re: rebuilt data base

    As it now stands, the historical data base is almost unusable. This is a subject that is cited as "improved" in various threads, so it may be getting attention now that will someday bear fruit, but...
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    2015 season loads 2016 rosters [not a bug]

    When I try to load "classic" 2015, the screen says it is loading the 2015 data base but then gives me the 2016 data base, identical to starting a "new" 2016 game.
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    Re: Baseball Mogul 2016 First Impressions

    Seems stable and need to wait for the usual patches to fix rosters, etc. But I am confused by the ratings, since there are many, many players with very low ratings (in the 50's) than I had seen in...
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    Re: It's officially coming out on March 31st!!!

    Good news! I like the present version, but the possible fixes reported here sound like it will be even better. Personally I'm looking for good rosters and improved historical play.
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    Re: Foreign expansion??

    I like the thinking here, but as a practical matter the travel times, severe jet lag, opposite TV viewing times, etc. would make this an unlikely approach to expansion. A World Series that included...
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    Re: Baseball Mogul Diamond Status

    Hope you feel better soon! Diamond looks good and I know you will have the few bugs cleaned up as soon as you can.
  21. Re: Baseball Mogul Diamond - new features for the next version

    I am in complete agreement that BM 14 could not be made to work until its many problems were fixed in BM 15, which restored stability and played properly. The thought of a new version that tries to...
  22. Re: 17.12 - Rating/potential issue for historical young prospects

    Good description of a fairly widespread problem in BM15. Not surprisingly, it is most noticeable with familiar names.
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    Re: Baseball Mogul 2015

    I'm very happy to report that '15 works well, is absolutely worth the price as reduced with the coupon, and the worst problems of '14 have been fixed. I still find historical rosters to be a mess,...
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    Re: Baseball Mogul 2015 is finally here!

    something is preventing me from connecting to board or connor or dee emails, in order to get coupon to order.
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    Re: classic prospects too randomized?

    Nope. The older versions played better in their classic modes. There would be variation, of course, with some HOFers having careers that did not match their actual careers, and others having much...
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