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  1. Thread: 90%

    by Joe Shlabotnik


    Am I the only one having this problem?

    It's often seemed to me that when the game says that you have a 90% chance of scoring (or taking the next base), that the odds aren't really anywhere near...
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    Re: What Causes Stats to Change?

    "Ozzie going from a 99 to a 98 is probably just your scouting system slightly changing its opinion on him;"

    They changed their opinion back to 99 a couple of games later.
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    What Causes Specs to Change?

    Until last year I was using Mogul 2008. In 2018, I noticed that the specs sometimes change. Not just pitchers tiring during a game, but change permanently. The other day, playing 1979, the Padres...
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    Re: Babe Ruth Transition

    Maybe you need to skip his first 6 years, and start playing him in 1920.

    Speaking of which, I haven't played much Dead Ball Era stuff in Mogul at all, and have no idea how well it simulates that...
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    How to See the Starting Options

    I'm looking at some old save games, and trying to figure out how to see which Universe Options were selected when the game was started.

    Some of them are obvious, but the big one is trying to...
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    Federal League

    Any chance of either the Federal League or pre-1900 seasons being added to the game? I'd love to have a whack at the 1899 Cleveland Spiders.
  7. Should the 1904 Red Sox be Recognized as World Champions?

    According to Wikipedia, the Red Sox have 8 World Championship titles. I've always felt that they should be credited with one more. In 1904, the Sox were prepared to play the World Series and the...
  8. Box Scores for Games in Progress show Winning/Losing Pitchers (v21.11) [Fixed v21.12]

    There seem to be a few quirks when viewing the box score for a game in progress.

    I played a game in which I lifted the starter after one inning. When I checked the box score in the 5th, it...
  9. Re: When do Historical Schedules Start?

    Well, at least this year, the schedule was 161/162 historical. I played the Astros this season, one game per day, and every game matched the game that was actually being played that day until the...
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    Re: Instant Series

    There might be some problems with this if matching teams from the Dead Ball Era with later teams. The 1927 Yankees wouldn't have posted the same stats if they'd played in the Dead Ball era, so a...
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    Instant Series

    I wish this game had the ability to create an Instant Series between any two teams in the database.

    Like, if I wanted, to just go in and play a series between, say, the 1927 Yankees and the 1954...
  12. Re: When do Historical Schedules Start?

    Well, I've been playing a team in the 2018 schedule, and all the games for this year match the same game on that day. But is this the first year that's happened, then?

    I didn't know you could...
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    Re: Resting Players

    On that note, does it HELP to pull a player out of the game after, say, six innings to rest him? It helps with pitchers, of course, because they have pitch counts. But does it make a difference...
  14. When do Historical Schedules Start?

    Playing Mogul 2018, I see that the schedules exactly match each team's real life schedule. But I previously played the 1979, 80 and 81 schedules in Mogul 2008, and this wasn't the case. As a...
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    No In-game injuries

    One seeming glitch in the game is that injuries never seem to occur during a game, only in between games. As a result, I may sometimes, when there's a big lead, pull all the starters out and empty...
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    Re: Resting Players

    My catcher is the only non-pitcher that I've ever seen show up as "Tired". Even when the description says that so-and-so is hitting .125 in his last 5 games, he still doesn't show up as tired.
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    Re: Minor League Players Improvement

    What if the 58 rated player is already at his peak? In that case, does it matter where you put him? Or will putting him too high reduce his rating?
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    Resting Players

    I'm curious about knowing how much rest to give players. Except for pitchers, the game doesn't tell you a lot about this.

    In Baseball Mogul 2008, I didn't realize how badly I was overworking the...
  19. Poll: Re: What Is Most Important For Next Year's Mogul?

    Things you never seem to see in Mogul:

    1) Wild Pitches/Passed Balls
    2) Pickoffs
    3) Doubleheaders
    4) Somebody being doubled up after a line drive out (especially on a hit and run).
    5) Balks
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    Poll: Re: Playing as the Manager, not the GM

    I'd use it. I'm currently playing the 1979 Astros as the Manager (playing each game out batter by batter), and stymied by the temptation of making trades.

    I'd intended to try to win the Division...
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