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  1. Pitchers have no batting splits (v24.13)

    Pitchers have batting stats vs. Both, but all zeroes for vs Left or vs Right.
  2. In an NL game, use a pitcher as a pinch hitter, and a DH appears in your lineup

    Baseball Mogul 2021, v. 24.13

    This is a regular season NL game, with two NL teams at an NL park.

    I am playing in play-by-play, one-pitch mode.

    In this game, I had a different 1B originally...
  3. Pitcher positions show as just "S" or "R" in trade popup

    For Baseball Mogul 2021 v24.13

  4. Box Score HTML refers to missing .png file

    For Baseball Mogul 2021 v24.07

    I created a Hartford expansion team.

    The Box Score HTML results try to call hfd.png, but it's missing.

    Based on what's in the game files, it should be har.png
  5. Discovered a bug using Ohtani the way he's used IRL

    For Baseball Mogul 2021 v24.07

    Just like Joe Maddon, I start Shohei Ohtani on the mound, have him throw 6 or 7 innings, then move him to right field when I bring in a relief pitcher to keep his...
  6. "win Game 3 and World Championship"


    This was the news Headline created after Orioles (the opposing team) went up 3-0 in the World Series against my Whalers.

    They went on to win the series 4-0 after this headline was...
  7. "128th win of division playoff" / "Game three hundred and eighty-three"


    This was the news Headline created after winning the 1-game wildcard playoff.

    Baseball Mogul 2015 v17.13
    Windows 8.1

    Let me know if a .mog or debug log would help this report.
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