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  1. Problem determining player of the game???

    v 16.07Hello and Happy SB Day everyone. Had been noticing something lately and don't know if it's something with the current version or if it goes back further or not. The other day I started...
  2. Re: FB Mog 19 v16.0.6 Simulation Error: Spot After Missed FG

    Yeah as far as I'm aware this is being worked on for the next build. I know that Clay does know about this.
  3. Re: Upon trying to load 1961 season, file error and won't load/start

    I too have run into this and after downloading the patch again the next day it was fine after doing that. From what I could tell the bb mogul application had changed from one day to the next so I'm...
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    Re: v21.12 patch bug discovered

    Weird, I didn't get that problem at least not starting a new 2018 game. I don't know why it's asking for master as I don't thing that is used anymore. I think they changed the name now to...
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    Re: Game day rosters limits

    I think the limit is 100 and not 90 though, I'm pretty sure.
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    Re: Error Saving Game

    Seems straight forward but I'm wondering if youd tried to re-install the game or the patch. It seems to me that something may have become corrupted or something. I've tried this and not getting the...
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    Re: Instant Series

    With that said, I've played in universes with the 1927 Yankees being in a league with different teams from different eras and I'd expect them to do better since their acclaim of being one of the...
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    Re: When do Historical Schedules Start?

    Well It shouldn't be hard to bring historical schedules in I wouldn't think. Going back and looking at say the early 1900s for example, there might be a week between games and so forth. This could...
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    Re: Players out of position

    The problem with this that I haven't seen before is in 1980 Clay has the Steelers' Frank Pollard designated as a wide receiverfor some reason. As a Steeler fan all my life I know that they drafted...
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    Changing rules in 2018

    Football Mogul 19: Anyone know whether this has changed recently? Having trouble telling the 2018 universe to go back to the old rules of a few years ago by saving the universe from a .mog file like...
  11. Re: Harvey Haddix pitched perhaps the best game ever -- and lost

    If this is the one that I'm thinking it is, I've heard a lot about that particular game. I think it was 1959 and he lost 1 0 if I'm not mistaken...
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    All-Star Game issues

    In playing an all star game the other day I noticed some odd things. Mostly noticing problems between differences in what players I play in the game and what shows through the box scores. As an...
  13. Re: 21.08 Some Old Time players disappear from Sortable Stats in 1945

    This goes back a ways but in 1904 the Reds have two (different Kozy Dolans) One born in 1872 and the other born in 1882. I would think that the younger one should have been in the minors and maybe...
  14. Re: 21.08 Can't select/see pitcher or #9 hitter

    I've gotten this from time to time and it seems that Alt+tabbing away and back to Mogul and/or restoring and again maximizing the screen seems to alleviate that issue.
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    Re: I cant load my season.

    Sounds like whatever Occurred is now preventing the program from finding the end of the file that you're trying to open. You didn't have auto-save turned on at that time did you? Write Clay and ask...
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    Re: Help file Update

    Only thing I can think of off the top of my head is a possible link between restriction of free agency and arbitration maybe in some way??? I'm not sure I understand a great deal of that either...
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    Re: league builder rosters for 2017?

    These were added in 21.08...
  18. Possible bug in version 2107 BaseballMogul: No league builder rosters for 2017

    Baseball Mogul v 21.07. After building my new league of greatest teams and including the 2017 Astros, I receved a message saying no hou.csv file exists under input\league builder rosters and sure...
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    league builder rosters for 2017?

    Anyone have these. Haven't been able to locate them in 2018 Baseball Mogul v 21.07. After building my new league of greatest teams and including the 2017 Astros, I receved a message saying no...
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    Minor Leahgue Stats

    Hello. Been wondering about something. Is there a way to show Minor league stats for those that are in the minors? By default all I see is 0s for those folks in the minors that haven't had MLB...
  21. Re: v21.07 - Game Freezes and crashes when trying to advance to next season

    I've not noticed that. Continued a mog that I had currently in 1928. I did start it by simming multiple seasons to 1930 and then Manually went to next season after that into 1931 and didn't see...
  22. Weird very odd thing that Just occured - Cardinals at Pirates May 26 2018

    Anyone ever come across the following? Using 2107 of Mogul 2018. Chad Kuhl for the pirates John Gant to Start for the Cardinals. Bottom of the first John Gant faces five batters doesn't retire...
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    Re: Rosters in Baseball Mogul 2018

    I've done that before but the situation that i had was a bit different in that the players I wanted on that team in my current mog I'm in now didn't exist in that mog and only would appear if...
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    Rosters in Baseball Mogul 2018

    Hello. While trying to make some changes to a roster in an ongoing season I have uncovered the following. For the 2018 season I have been unable to transfer players from one roster to another using...
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    Re: Time Limit on "new version" popup

    My problem with the mods forum is there's no way to access anything anymore.
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