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  1. Clicking Close All Scouting Reports opens up Help Menu [20.22 and earlier?]

    This has been a bug/feature for quite a while. When you have a bunch of scouting reports open at once, you can click the Close All Scouting Reports buttons to get them off your screen quickly.

  2. Questions about defensive spectrum and BBM

    I think defensive spectrum/shifting positions was added maybe in 2014/15/Diamond, but not sure.

    I have a few questions that I don't feel are proper for suggestions or bugs.

    1. Does forcing a...
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    Re: Baseball Mogul 2018

    I'll probably buy it just because I support Clay and his hard work, but I still use Diamond despite owning 16/17.
  4. Add "Bill James Favorite Toy" calculations

    It would be cool to have this in Mogul so you can see the predicted odds of players reaching milestones.
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    Re: Time Limit on "new version" popup

    I've stuck with Diamond. I enjoy the effort of entering stats and seeing the ratings that the game produces based on my input.

    I also don't like the player development mechanism used in 2016/17......
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    Poll: Re: where have all the leagues gone?

    I'm not too much into online leagues for BBM. Partially because I'm not that good at them... also because I mostly like simming in BBM and not the micromanagement of each week.
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    Re: this player is colorful..

    There are a few easter eggs I think.

    There used to be "Heywood Jablome" and some Dresloughs.

    As a Beta test for Baseball Mogul 2007, my last name [Radin] was added. :P
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    Baseball mogul on wikipedia

    Been locked in an edit war with auto reverters like sro23.

    Someone that isn't me me update.

    Or not. The guy behind...
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    Sticky: Re: Unofficial Patch: Version 19.25

    I would personally like to see most recent transactions remain over the older ones. :)

    Also things like hitting streaks and shorter injuries could go to save room for things like trades/awards.
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    Re: Problem with 2016 [fixed 20.04]

    One of your catcher is both DH and personal catcher for a pitcher so they bat twice and the other catcher doesn't play. I think this is the bug you are seeing.
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    Sticky: Re: Unofficial Patch: Version 19.25

    The games still load up to 25 years of transaction data for older saves, starting with the beginning of the game. Is this fixable or not priority for most players?
  12. Re: What to expect with Baseball Mogul 2017?

    It is very fun. :)
    Though once you get to 2100+ there are some issues. Attendance starts to go down. I think this is partially because of the stadium deteriorating over time. I've run "Sim Multiple...
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    Re: DH issues with 2015

    This is caused by having a Personal Catcher set for a pitcher. I've never used this feature intentionally but it causes the issue being reported here.

    If the Personal Catcher for a pitcher is also...
  14. Re: What to expect with Baseball Mogul 2017?

    No, I tend to actually play the games for 100+ years from the start date.

    My current game is Diamond and it's 2160 now started as 2015 expansion team Portland Mavericks.

    One thing that happens...
  15. Re: What to expect with Baseball Mogul 2017?

    I'd like to beta test again. I did it a few times back in 2006, long-term here.
    Though I'm aware the way I play is not the typical path, I love going 100+ years into the future.
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    Re: The Political Compass

    Your Political Compass

    Economic Left/Right: 3.63
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.85

    It's a pretty lonely quadrant, the purple zone.
    According to the UK parties map there seems to be a...
  17. Re: 19.03: Save files from other games lose player transaction data.

    This is still happening with 19.23 for all files I've made in Diamond and earlier.

    The saved games usually have about 20 years of transaction data, but that starts with the oldest data and newer...
  18. [19.19] - Starting a new 2016 Expansion Team will override your Difficulty Setting

    When you start a custom expansion team, your Difficulty Level settings when checked in League Settings are as follows:
    Transactions: Fan
    Finances: Coach
    Pitch-by-Pitch: Coach

    It will always be...
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    Re: Amateur Draft

    Remains in 19.19.
    Running a couple of sims in Multiple Seasons right now and it seems a bit off to what I'm used to from Mogul. Players seem to start their careers way too early and most are...
  20. 19.03: Large pre-19.00 save files lose some transaction data

    All of the old save files from Diamond or earlier lose Player Transaction data when loaded with 2016. The transaction data is intact when loaded with Diamond so this is something new with 2016. If...
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    Re: Baseball Mogul Diamond 2016 bugs

    Historical transactions disappear on any game from BBM Diamond or earlier... all players state "No Transactions Recorded".

    This is a recent change, they open just fine with Diamond but in 2016 the...
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    Re: Annoying troll post

    I want Carrie Underwood to hit me in the face hard.
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    Re: Baseball Mogul 2016 Coming Soon...

    I will happily throw lots of money at Clay for a chance to be a beta-tester, or remind him that I was one of the few beta-testers for Baseball Mogul 2007 ten years ago! ;) OR BOTH.
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    Poll: Re: "Drag and Drop" Functionality

    Personally I never use it. I am a Baseball Mogul Hipster.
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    Re: Next Mogul version?

    I have a vendetta against OOTP because it's made by a German. Team America ***** yeah!

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