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    25.02 - Percent Chance on Steals

    What happened to the percent chance that showed on she select play dropdown next to Steal Second (or Steal third or home) in BBM 2021. I liked that feature, but seems to have disappeared in BBM 2022.
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    BBM 23.12 Negative Stats

    In 1973, George Hendricks has -1 Home Runs and -10 Runs vs. Right Handers on the lineup page. He has 1 HR and 10 Runs vs Lefties, giving him a net of 0 of each on his Batting tab. On the Splits tab...
  3. V23.09-After Free Agent Period game infinitely loopx in archiving transaction data

    Started a game in V23.07 in 1905. Sometime during 1913 season upgraded to 23.09. Successfully played through the 1914 season, but after the Free Agent Period the game goes into an infinite loop on...
  4. Re: BBMogull2020Beta-Can'c choose a team when starting a new game.

    After a reboot, this problem went away. Weird.
  5. BBMogull2020Beta-Can'c choose a team when starting a new game.

    When starting a new game (Modern or Classic) the drop-down for picking your team is greyed out. You cannot pick a team to play as.
  6. BBM 22.09 - FieldingPost uses old PlayerIDs

    The fie FieldingPost.csv in the input database uses the old form of PlayerIDs. The Fielding.csv (and Batting, BattingPost, Pitching and PitchingPost) file uses the new form of the PlayerIDs.
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    BBM 22.08:Invalid Names in Amateur Draft

    Started a game in 1906. Now in 1913 and reached the amateur draft. Here are the "players" in the draft:
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    Re: 22.00 Pitching Stats Switched

    Does Update 22.08 (Fixed player links in HTML Box Scores and Game Recaps.) fix the issue from this bug report?
  9. Re: 22.07 - Box score or game recap files do not open

    It works! Thanks Clay!
  10. 22.07 - Box score or game recap files do not open [Fixed]

    On the Calendar page, when clicking on a played game to open either the box score file or the game recap files as text files (The View as HTML check box under options is not set) do not open up. ...
  11. 22.00 Stat errors for players with 2 stints on same team in same year [Fix postponed]

    There were 14 players who had 2 stints with the same team in a given year. For most of them, when looking at their scouting reports, stats for two of the stints (not always with the same team) were...
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    Re: 22.00 Pitching Stats Switched

    Several other pitcher reversals (Player logs and box scores can be obtained from the mog file attached to original post.):
    06-0416B -- Philidelphia vs Chicago
    Frank Corridon and Walter Moser...
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    22.00 Pitching Stats Switched

    On 04/17/1906 Tigers vs. Athletics, According to Frank Browning's game logs, he pitched 1 Inning, giving up 1 hit, striking out 1 and earned a Save.
    According to Art Loudell's game logs, he pitched...
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    22.0 Missing Pitcher in Stats

    No 4/11/1906, Moxie Manual "appeared" in a game and pitched .1 innings according to his game log (attached). This was his 2nd appearance of the year. His Pitching Stats (attached) shows the correct...
  15. Thread: FB Mogul 19

    by jsimmon1

    FB Mogul 19

    Just down loaded and installed the new FB Mogul 2019. When trying to run it I get a message from McAfee that fb19.exe is infected with Real Protect - SS!ED2700C80563 and the program aborts. Screen...
  16. 21.08 Some Old Time players disappear from Sortable Stats in 1945

    Some old time players (most who played before 1900, but a few in the early 1900's as well, disappear from the Sortable Stats page between 1944 and 1945. When I start a game in 1944, they are there,...
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    Re: 2018 r/l splits dont show in lineup

    Are you changing your lineup vs Left or right (the drop down next to the Team Name at the top) or the Stats Shown vs left or right on the same row as the button "Sort All"? The latter should cause...
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    BBM2018 (21.04) Salaries out of whack

    Started a game in 1920. Ty Cobb has a salary of 5.8M; Tris Speaker: 5M; Babe Ruth: 4.4M. In reality, in 1920 these 3 players had a salary of 20,000.
  19. BBM2018 (21.05) Error--Can't Find File number 4

    Just installed the21.05 patch and now I get the error message: "Baseball Mogul could not find file number 4"
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    BBM 2018 (21.04) Strange Player IDs

    There are some "strange" Player IDs. A few examples (there are 407 of them):
    Most are for minor league players,...
  21. Re: V20.90 Beta Game Log does not match Box Scores

    I looked back and found an old bug report when I first reported this in BBM2016. It was in version 19.03 and fixed in 19.08, but reappeared in a later update (I don't recall which one" and persisted...
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    Re: Baseball Mogul 2018

    This is a bug that I just reported on the Bug Reports under the title: V20.90 Beta Game Log does not match Box Scores. If you look carefully at the last game played, a different player was credited...
  23. V20.90 Beta Game Log does not match Box Scores

    For the game played on April 7th, the stat lines for Kevin Quackenbush and Carter Capps of the San Diego Padres are reversed between what shows in their Game Logs and what appears in the Box Score...
  24. V20.90 Beta - Balks is not a selectable Column Heading in Sortable Stats

    This is minor, but I would think easily fixed. Balks is not in the list of Column Headings on the Sortable Stats page. It had disappeared from the list in Baseball Mogul 2017, and is still missing...
  25. V20.90 Beta - Can't locate FieldingOF.csv

    When trying to start a Classic game, during the database build phase I get the error message: "I can't locate the required file: Input\Database\FieldingOF.csv" This happens for every year I tried...
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