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  1. v22.08 Good-hitting pitchers have IBB in hitting stats

    Hello, I just downloaded BM 2019 and slowly preparing to transition my current sims to the new version, but am checking it out and learning the little differences first.

    My current sim has be...
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    Re: What's up with this new patch 20.21

    Where do you usually access it? Try your C-drive in the Sports Mogul folder for the icon and copy it to your previous locations/shortcuts.

    I downloaded the new patch as well, and it doesn't load...
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    Re: Time Limit on "new version" popup

    You can! You just click the "Edit Stats" button to edit statistics instead. I haven't tried it very much to see how closely it relates with the ratings, but you're able to do either.

    I do that...
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    Re: Time Limit on "new version" popup

    I'd at least consider BBM Diamond if, for no other reason, you're able to edit ratings directly (rather than having to change predicted stats to find the right balance). In my opinion, this was the...
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    Re: (v20.18) No passed balls

    Thank you! Downloading now and giving it a try. Now I can fill my staff with all knuckleball pitchers and have it be accurate again. :cool:
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    (v20.18) No passed balls [Fixed v20.20]

    The title is self-explanatory and I've noticed it the past few versions. Every time I sim a season, catchers don't have any passed balls. My current sim there were five total for the entire season.
  7. (v20.18) Batters listed as /DH or /PH in dialogue boxes

    As you can see by the screenshot, hitters are listed as POS/DH in the American League, and POS/PH in the National League.

  8. Re: End of Season - Transaction Description Error - "AL" not represented

    I posted about this back in v20.12. I see it's still an issue.
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    Re: V20.16: Scouting reports

    I think overall they need to be tweaked. After the latest update, there are way too many prospects where the "scout" says they're the "best [position] I've seen in 10 years" or "______ is a future...
  10. v20.16 Trading Block Issues ("All Players" vs Specific Position)

    I just upgraded to v20.16, which fixed the pitcher stat display issue caused by v20.15 (thank you Clay!).

    I've noticed a new(?) bug when it comes to the Trading Block screen.

    When choosing a...
  11. Re: v20.15 Pitcher Stat Display Screen Messed Up

    I went back and re-installed v20.13 and the pitching displays are back to normal.

    Don't install v20.15 in the meantime.
  12. v20.15 Pitcher Stat Display Screen Messed Up

    I just installed v20.15 and noticed that the pitcher stat display screens are totally distorted now with stats, columns, etc. I see another poster had the same thing happen to him according to the...
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    Re: Trades are IMPOSSIBLE (20.12)

    I've noticed the same thing when I offer certain players up for trade. Have you experimented to see which players the AI would trade for? I tried to find a player similar to the one I was...
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    v20.12 All stat leaders listed as NL

    I believe there was a recent bug on this, but I couldn't find that thread.

    In v20.12, I'm (still?) seeing all stat leaders (HR, RBI, SB, W, SV, etc.) listed as NL winners, so the AL ERA leader is...
  15. Re: "Depth Chart" ... No relief pitchers showing

    I've noticed something slightly similar, but instead of few/no relief pitchers showing up in the Depth Chart or on the Trading Block, they have relievers listed in with starters on the Trade Block.
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    Re: Transaction screen question

    If you haven't found it yet, check it out in my attached image. There are three buttons on top of the Transactions screen. One that says "All Types", the year, and the team. You have to click and...
  17. v20.11 Can't insert final batter in PBP with 22-batter setup [Fixed 20.13]

    Version 20.11.

    I remember a similar bug to this recently, but I couldn't locate that thread.

    I noticed that during PBP games, I'm unable to insert/substitute the final batter after September...
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    Re: Retire Prince Fielder

    Agreed. They're obligated to pay the remainder of his contract (or whatever portion Detroit doesn't pay), but then again, the salaries in the game are never historically correct.
  19. Re: Aging players grow impatient but super fast

    To build off of this, I've noticed it as well with a player's speed rating as they age. I'm on v20.09.

    I've even manually decreased them myself (especially aging catchers with very few career...
  20. Re: Pitch count limits re-set to defaults every season (20.08) [Fixed 20.09]

    I'm still having this occur in v20.09, and it switches multiple times per season.

    Even worse, short relievers (usually left-handed specialists) will have their endurance go down to 10-12, causing...
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    Re: Unofficial Patch: Version 20.04

    It was released today. You can download it here.
  22. Re: Too many in-season retirements (v20.07) [Fixed 20.09]

    Awesome news! Thank you.
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    Re: 2017 20.05 game saving

    Oh, I like that... just in case something happens with the file so you can go back a few days/weeks/months rather than losing it all.
  24. Too many in-season retirements (v20.07) [Fixed 20.09]

    I had this issue back with Baseball Mogul 2016 and I see that it's continued into this year.

    With last year's version, there were too many retirements during the season, often taking away minor...
  25. Re: 2017 20.06 minors

    Your scouting is horrible at +/- 8, meaning that his 57/76 rating could be anything from 49/68 to 65/84, which is a huge difference.

    What are his ratings in Commissioner Mode?
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