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Why Is My Simulation Slow?

Why Is My Simulation Slow?

On most computers, Baseball Mogul should be able to simulate a 162-game season in less than two minutes.

If your simulation is much slower than this, it may be because the game is writing error reports to a "log file" on your hard drive, slowing down the simulation.

Installing the newest version of Baseball Mogul should fix this problem. Click 'Patches' on this page.

If it doesn't, you can view the log file: choose 'Open Game Folder' from the Help Menu, and open the file called "Debug.txt".

This file should be less than 100K in size. If it is much larger, please send the file (or the first 100-200 lines of the file) to, and we'll try to resolve the problem.

Dialog Box Won't Fit On Screen

Q: The dialog boxes showing my team (such as 'Lineup' and 'Bullpen' on the Team Menu) won't fit on my screen.

A: Different computers have different settings, such as screen size and font size.

For this reason, we have a setting we call 'Dialog Size Adjustment' in Baseball Mogul. (A 'dialog box' is a window that is displayed 'on top of' your main window -- such as Team Lineup or Bullpen).

Choose 'Options' on the Toole Menu. In the lower right corner, there is box labelled "Dialog Size Adjustment". By default, this is set to 0. Changing this to '-1' or '-2' will make the dialog boxes smaller so they can fit on your screen.

Why Can't I View Game Box Scores?

If the box score isn't showing up when you click a game on the Calendar Screen, there may be a problem with your computer displaying HTML files. You may have to go into the Windows Control Panel and tell it to use a web browser to open ".htm" files. Alternatively, you can show box scores as text files. Go to Tools->Options. In the lower left-hand corner, you will see a check-box that says "View as HTML". Uncheck that box.

How Do I Disable The Annoying Popup In HTML Box Scores?

Q: When I click a game in the Calendar Page, the HTML Box Score displays in my default browser (Internet Explorer 7). However, there is always an annoying beep and the Information Bar says: "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls that could access your computer. Check here for options..."

Can I disable this?

A: Yes.

1. Click on the "Tools" button (should be at the top of Internet Explorer, on the right).
2. Choose "Internet Options" (at the bottom of the Tools Menu).
3. Click the "Advanced" tab (far right).
4. Scroll down to the last section (labelled "Security").
5. Check the box labelled "Allow active content to run in files on My Computer*"
6. Close ALL Internet Explorer windows (your setting won't take effect until you restart IE).

The next time you click on the Calendar Page to view a Box Score, Internet Explorer should automatically open up to the display the HTML file, and this warning message should be gone.

Can't Resume Saved Game

When I resume my saved game, it hangs at the blue intro screen

1. To fix this issue, you must have Baseball Mogul 2009 (or later). If you have Baseball Mogul 2009, you will need version 11.27 or later. You can download 11.27 here.
2. Try again to load the game normally. When it hangs on the blue screen, use the file menu to save the game under a different file name.
3. Quit Baseball Mogul and start it up again.
4. Now load the game you just saved. It should open normally.

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