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How Do I Create A League Of All-Time All-Stars?

How do I create a league all-stars, with for example, Yaz and Williams on the Red Sox, Ruth and Mantle on the Yankees, etc.?

1) Baseball Mogul already includes a league with the best all-time all-stars for each of the 30 franchises. Players are included in the year after their best season. To use this league:
  • Click 'Start A New Game'.
  • Then click 'Custom'.
  • Then click 'All-Time All-Stars'.

2) If you would like to edit the All-Time All-Stars included with the game:
  • Choose 'Open Game Folder' from the Help Menu inside Baseball Mogul.
  • Double-click the 'Input' folder.
  • Double-click the 'Players' folder.
  • Edit the file named 'All-Time All-Stars.csv'

3) Read this for more information about customizing rosters.

Why Doesn't The Performance Of Real-Life Players Match Their Actual Historical Stats?

Baseball Mogul loads in the complete career stats for all real players. However, the game then also adds RANDOMNESS to make things less predictable. For some of us, it wouldn't be as much fun if you could just draft real-life Hall-Of-Famers to build the best team. If you want player careers to more closely match their real-life stats 1) When you start a new game, click 'Advanced Options' and then check the 'Don't Randomize Players' box. 2) Go into Player Settings on the League Menu. Set "Aging Randomness" to -100% and "Draft Predictability" to +100%. (The 2nd step isn't as important). Also note that the ratings you see might vary greatly from the player's ACTUAL ratings. Turn on Commissioner Mode (in the League Menu) to view a player's true (secret) ratings.

Why Do My Players Get Injured So Much?

There have been many comments about this over the years. Both the programmers and players have analyzed the injury rate in Baseball Mogul and Football Mogul and compared it to real-life data. The conclusion is that Mogul's injury rate are actually *lower* than real life. If you think you're players are getting injured at more than a realistic rate, you are just having a bad year. If you want to reduce injury rates, you can: 1) Increase your team's medical spending. 2) Go into League Settings and equalize everyone's medical staff at "Very Good" or above. 3) Go into League Settings and turn down Injury Frequency and/or Injury Severity.

Why Does My Star Player Retire In The Middle Of His Career?

Q: Why does my star player retire in the middle of his career?

Baseball Mogul has an artificial intelligence algorithm that it continually runs for each player, to determine if that player decides to retire. The player might retire at the end of a season, after an injury, or even in the middle of a season.

This is modelled on real life, which means that sometimes it makes logical sense (like a 40-year-old retiring after he reaches 300 wins) and sometimes it doesn't (like the real-life prospect who recently retired to pursue a religious calling).

Because this randomness can be frustrating, Baseball Mogul 2011 has a new feature that lets you "un-retire" any player:

1) Choose 'Sortable Stats' from the Players Menu.
2) Select 'Retired Players' in the team list in the upper left.
3) Find the player you'd like to unretire, and double-click to open the Scouting Report.
4) On the player's Scouting Report, click the 'Unretire' button at the bottom of the screen.

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