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09-19-2002, 07:28 PM
Things are progressing, but there seems to be a lot more that needs to be done before this game goes gold.

Other people have mentioned it so I'll just echo them. The sim is very slow. Not good at all. And after the draft it takes about 30 seconds to "think" and go back to the regular screen.

The player database is still screwed up. Players aren't on the team they are supposed to be. Where is CB Ahmed Plummer for the 49ers? He's on Seattle in Football Mogul. Oh and career stats are messed up too.

Some of the lineups do not mirror real life. Some players that are supposed to be good aren't and those that shouldn't are. Another CB for the 49ers, Anthony Parker has unrealistic grades which gave him 182 tackles, 13 picks and 22 knockdowns. I believe in real life he's injured.

I'm glad to see the blocking grade for running backs, but the comp AI does not recognize it. They still put the two best runners out there. There needs to be a real FB position.

The game asks you after the Super Bowl to resign your players before starting a new season. If you do, and start a new season the computer will then ask you to resign those players you've already decided to resign or not.

In the lineup screen the release button needs to work for the starters as well as for the backups. This eliminates needless swapping of players.

Houston drafts a QB with the 1st overall pick in 2003. They have David Carr at QB who wasn't hurt, but riding pine. Doesn't make sense at all.

In FA screen when you try to "Go Get" a player on his player card it just takes you back to the FA screen instead of letting you try to sign him.

Too many really good FA's after the season. In year 2 L.Tomlinson, Eddie George, Eric Moulds etc. Right now in year 3, the best QB in the game (Tom Brady) is jobless in week 5 as it Mashall Faulk.

Where is the durability or health grade for QB's, OL, or Defensive players. How are you gonna know if a guy is injury prone or not?

Lastly, the Bungles won the Super Bowl in year 2. That's just wrong.

In short this game is not ready for prime time. As it is, I won't buy it. Too many things missing. No headlines, no awards on player cards, no FA rumors, where are the league functions, etc. I think most people are going to get disapointed if this product doesn't at least come close to Baseball Mogul 2003. Right now it isn't even close. Please do not hurt your reputation and come out with a shoddy product.

I've been hearing that this is almost ready to be finished. Please tell me that isn't the case. If it takes you guys till December to make a quality game, do it.

Keep plugging away guys, I'm rooting for you.