View Full Version : Official Patch: Version 15.10

Clay Dreslough
08-05-2018, 04:41 AM
Version 15.10 for Football Mogul 18 (https://www.sportsmogul.com/store/p85/footballmogul18) has been posted here:


Improvements in 15.10:

2018 NFL schedule added.
Improved ratings for some players in 2017-2018 database.
e.g. Kyle Rudolph (MIN) improved to 4th best TE in NFL (was ranked as 15th in v15.09).
Fixes a bug causing running backs to sometimes run 50+ yards into their own end zone (and be tackled for a safety).

Improvements in 15.09:

Fixed bug that reduced importance of offensive linemen and defensive players.

Improvements in 15.08:

Fixes crash in off-season with some saved games.

Improvements in 15.07:

Edited player retirement algorithms to fix "disappearing player" problem.
Adjustments to offensive play selection AI.
Simulation engine improvements (to better match historical league averages).
Fixed "Pro Set" formation to match documentation (replaced 2nd RB with FB).

Improvements in 15.06:

Revised ratings for 2,354 players in 2017 database.
Includes Red Zone ratings for all RB/FB/TE/WR.
Improvements to 'Import Player Ratings' and 'Export Player Ratings' (in Advanced Tools).​

Improvements in 15.04:​

Fixed Austin Seferian-Jackson's position (changed from QB to TE).
Fixed duplicated week 1 info in HTML Encyclopedia output.
Fixed some weird results on fumble and interception runbacks.

Improvements in 15.03:​

Fixed crash at end of College Draft after 2017-2018 season.
Improved Trade AI (primarily to increase strength of offers by computer teams).

Improvements in 15.02:

Fixed error message and hang at end of Fantasy Draft.
Added 'Calibrate Player Ratings' button to Advanced Tools.

Improvements in 15.01:

New 2017 database with rating adjustments (e.g. Carson Wentz, Ryan Shazier).
(Bad ratings were caused by a bug loading Depth Chart information from "2017_Rosters.csv".)
CSV output option added to Single Season Simulator tool.