View Full Version : Updated Universe-2015.dat File

Connor Milliken
09-16-2015, 05:43 PM
We found that the Universe-2015.dat file that comes with the original download of Football Mogul 16 is slightly incorrect, as it has a few rookies with incorrect stats. Below you will find the updated file that you can replace with your existing one to give you a more accurate roster for the 2015 modern year.

In order to replace your existing Universe-2015.dat file, follow these instructions:

(1) Download the updated Universe-2015.dat zip folder and extract the file.

(2) Locate the new Universe-2015.dat file and copy it.

(3) Find and open your "Football Mogul 16" game folder. There are two ways to find this folder:
(a) Go into your "C" drive and find the "Sports Mogul" folder, which is where the "Football Mogul 16" folder will be.
(b) Startup Football Mogul 16 and select "Help" from the toolbar up top, then select "Open Game Folder".

(4) Open the "Databases" folder.

(5) Paste and replace the old Universe-2015.dat file with the new updated Universe-2015.dat file that you have just downloaded.

When you start a new game in the modern year, the database will load as it should with the new data. This new Universe file will be in an updated patch in the near future.