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09-21-2011, 11:18 AM
Offering a 29 year old 92/92 QB (Jim Kelly), a 23 year old 86/90 RB Thurman Thomas), my entire 1990 draft & my entire 1991 draft for a 26 year old 88/94 QB (Randall Cunningham)

Philly would only be taking on another $195K. I thought it may be because they're projected to be over budget, but I tried adding some of their crappy overpaid guys so they also save money in the trade & still nothing

For the record, I obviously had no intention of making that trade, just wanted to see exactly what it would take to get Cunningham. Only needed to offer Kelly, Thomas & Bruce Smith (97/99)

I then decided to make myself Philly GM and made Buffalo AI-controlled. Then had to offer Reggie WHite & Randall Cunningham to get Jim Kelly. Changing difficulty level didn't seem to make a difference in the trading

10-26-2011, 10:08 PM
Offered the following:
9th pick, 14th pick, 29th pick, next year's 1st rounder, 1st rounder in 2 years
7th pick

Still declined

Seems like it would be easy to have the AI follow the generic draft pick value chart

Edit: Offered all of those picks for the 10th pick in the draft and still got declined (that's right, offered 4 1st rounders to trade back a spot & got turned down)

This game will NEVER catch on if the draft isn't made more user-friendly. Unlike MLB, the NFL draft is PIVOTAL in building your team (despite what the Raiders seem to think). The ability to trade up or down and go pick-by-pick in the draft HAS to be implemented, or this game might as well be done away with

Edit 2: The trade issue seems to be tied to draft picks. Working out trades without draft picks can be done (though sometimes it's still silly, as evidenced by the 1st post). But I offered a 1st rounder for a 3rd rounder & a future 3rd rounder & got laughed at by the AI