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01-14-2010, 08:26 AM
1. There is no way to delete a franchise without deleting all of the players from those given teams. (example : if you want to play a league with 24 teams, when you delete 8 teams, every player on those teams are unavailable in the game for a fantasy draft)

2. Any time you make a change in the league editor before Week 1, the schedule changes. There is no way to keep 1 schedule before starting a season.

3. If you delete those said franchises, previously traded draft picks from real nfl trades disappear. (example : i deleted oakland and lost 2 new england 2010 draft picks)

4. There is no transactions page. I am currently running an online league and am having to manually create a transactions page on my website.

5. On the team roster dialog, in the special teams page, the double-click does not work on kickers and punters to see their scouting page.

This is my first season along with about 23 other guys in our online league, so bugs will be posted as we find them. Hopefully someone addresses these soon. This game could be 100x better with just a few small fixes.

01-18-2010, 01:05 PM
I don't play FBM, but from my experience in BMM most of those are not bugs.

1. Happens in BBM too and is not a bug, it would a suggestion to move those players to FA

2. Happens in BBM as well. Kind of is a bug, but I think is in place in case league changes happen.

3. That makes sense, if there is no more Oakland, why would there be Oakland picks?

4. Suggestion not bug

5. A bug!