View Full Version : 7.050 Random players added to roster, exceeding salary cap

Lex Logan
10-21-2008, 11:42 AM
Football Mogul 2009, v. 7.050: When my team is close to the salary cap, withn a few $100K, each week the computer adds newly generated, junk players to my roster, pushing me over the salary cap. To some degree this appears to be related to injuries; if I have, say, only 4 DE's on the roster and one is injured, I'll get a new DE and if I dismiss that one, I'll get another the next week. But some players appear even if I seem to have plenty on my roster. I've seen up to three players added per week. Note that this continues long after the trading deadline, even into the playoffs; and the problem goes away if I trade or release enough players to be roughly $1M or more below the cap. I've seen this so far at the Fan, Coach and Head Coach levels; haven't tried Mogul level.

In a non-bug report thread, someone commented about AI controlled teams being over the cap; perhaps the same thing is happening to them.