View Full Version : 7.050 Cap Impact calculations are screwy

Lex Logan
10-05-2008, 09:26 PM
Football Mogul 2009 v. 7.050 (also present in 2007 as far as i can remember, presumably not a new bug):

When you first go to negotiate with a player over his salary, the Cap Impact appears to make sense. But as soon as you start adding or removing years and additional bonus money, it gets screwy. Simple case: Negotiate with a player immediately after the Super Bowl, before proceeding another week. One player requested a salary of $4.12M for one year, bonus $800K, cap impact $4.92 as expected. I clicked to add a year, then removed it, and now the cap impact showed $4.52M -- pro-rating the bonus over 2 years! And if you add more years, it pro-rates the bonus over the number of years selected plus one.

In many cases with re-signs or free agents, possibly only after changing the number of years, the cap impact will jump up and down as you add bonus money. Usually adding $100K 3 times will result in a lower cap impact, but the first or second $100K often causes the cap impact to increase, while the second or third causes it to decrease dramatically.

I think this bug has gone unreported for so long because the whole cap impact thing is somewhat confusing. I think Clay should publish the exact formula for calculating this, and explain any variance from NFL practice, so we can determine what is and isn't a bug to report. The formula should make it into the Help file eventually.

Another oddity: sometimes, when you go to renew a player, it will show a salary such as $559K (zero bonus), but cap impact only $450K. If you make any changes, you lose the "discount". I haven't noticed if the actual effect on my cap impact is $559K or $450K.

10-05-2008, 10:12 PM
also if the cap for teams for example $125 million, and a teams payroll is $109 million, they SHOULD have $16 million left under the cap, usually they do not.