View Full Version : 7.050 Kick and Punt Returners randomly changed

Lex Logan
10-04-2008, 04:46 PM
FM 2009 7.05 (also present in FM 2007, so presumably the same in all version of FM 2009):

Very frequently, my kick and punt returners get changed, usually to the player next to them on the list. This is related to the bug about newly acquired players going to the top of the offense or defense dialog, but I'm pretty sure it also happens due to injuries to players other than the returner. In other words, the Special Team dialog memorizes an offense or defense slot number for each of the returners, and if someone else gets bumped to that slot, they become the returner. This can be hard to spot if you've used multiple returners and forget which one you last chose -- when you look at the Special Teams dialog, you see numbers next to both returners and may not remember you had picked someone else for the job. I usually avoid using my starters as returners, for example; who wants their star RB or WR injured on a kick return? Auto-Sort, of course, often selects starters as returners, so it is VERY annoying to have these changed without warning.