View Full Version : 7.050 newly acquired players into top of starting lineup, everyone in wrong position

Lex Logan
10-04-2008, 04:35 PM
FM 2009 7.05, when I acquire a new player, he sometimes goes to the bottom of the offense/defense/kickers list. If I've traded a player from the same group (offense/defense/kickers) he may drop into the slot vacated, which will usually not be with the other players at his position -- for example, trading a DE for a S, when I next open the Defense dialog, the Safety will be in the middle of the DE's and DT's. OK, in either case I can just manually move the one player into the right spot, a hassle but not too difficult. But often, (perhaps when I sign a free agent with no trade, or perhaps when I trade an offensive player for a defensive one?) the new player appears at the top of the offense or defense listing, at QB or DE. All the other starters are bumped down one, so at least half of them are out of position. Auto-Sort will, of course, straighten things out, but at the cost of losing whatever deliberate changes I've made -- playing that CB who is better against the pass than the player the computer rates higher, for example. That's ugly.

Sometimes it's convenient to have the players at the bottom of the list (such as when I've traded for high-salary, junk players just to help the other team get under the salary cap) so I could live with the bottom of the dialog placement, but it ought to be consistent, same placement every time.

This bug was also present in FM 2007.