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07-23-2002, 06:56 PM
i did notice an improvement in the draft. after the 1st couple of rounds there were still a variety of positions to draft unlike the last version which seemed to have only g,t,p and k. however i still noticed very expensive players in the later rounds of the draft.

the main problem that i see is that this is a meat game. this game needs the potatoes and some trimmings as well.

as gms we need to hire coaches and the ability to mould our team to the philosophy of the head coach- 3 receiver,4 and 5 receiver sets. 34 or 43 defense. etc.

i think it is really important to see the game unfold even if we have no control over the actual game itself. this feature will give the game personality.

we need a little more personality in the financial bargainings between player and team.

something to remember is that football unlike baseball is no longer a trading game. it is a game of free agency and draft choices - so these functions must be as complete as possible.

07-23-2002, 07:32 PM
I agree!!!

While this version is an upgrade over the original version. But the original FB Mogul was far from one of iMonkey/Sports Mogul's best release.

The football sim market is a very competitive market. FB Mogul 2003 is lacking in pizazz. There isn't much there to make me choose it over other football sims.

What does it really offer other than controlling payroll and drafting players? Other football sims offer so much more.

1 thing that is a must for Football Mogul.

Coaches/Strategy - Give the player something to feel like they have control over their team. While moving the strategy feature from baseball mogul would be an improvement. I think it should be avoided and coaches should be added. The coaches could have strategy tendencies. Don't just stop at a head coach either! Like someone mentioned previously, O-Coordinator and D-Coordinators should be hired too.

While not as important as a coach feature. A Headline page would be nice.

I've purchased every product that iMonkey/Sports Mogul has ever released. As FB Mogul 2003 stands now, I wouldn't be interested in it.

07-24-2002, 12:13 AM
I love Baseball Mogul and decided to give it's Football Counterpart a try. I also am kind disappointed, but I expect that it should be much better by it's actual release date. Some improements I would like to see:

Headlines Page
Coach Strategy Options
Better Awards (not just top QB,RB, etc.)
In Game Play By Play
Counter Offer added to Trades Dialog
More sorting options in College Draft Mode (ability to sort by specific ability rankings)

Not that the game is not fun, it's just that compared to BBMog, it kinda seems homemade.

07-25-2002, 12:50 AM
Players that go in the latter rounds should be cheaper. If they are asking for 2million in the first and still available come 4th round there should be a reduction in price.

They still ask for that first round price tag which messes teams up for salary cap issues.

I simulated 4 seasons and almost every team had no cap money when they started the 2005 season besides Seattle who had 13 million somehow. The colts were about 8 million under.

I totally agree with rblackburn those features/additions will definitely improve the gameplay, fun, and enjoyment factor. Another addition I would like to see is the Box Score to go along with the "play by play" and the "scoring plays". Done up ESPN style...

One other option that should be added is the ability not to save game recaps for all teams. I think this slows down the simulation in games. I know it did for BBM. I only save human teams in BBM and the simulation speed improved greatly.