View Full Version : minor bug

07-23-2002, 03:15 PM
i just opened up the new beta and was anxious to see the History screen. it's one of my favorite parts of Baseball Mogul so i was ready for it. i opened it up to see my team, Dallas, then decided to check out some other teams. well, when i opened up houston, their first year, 2002, attendance was 0. while they were an expansion, i do find it hard to believe they had NO ONE show up! kinda funny. but then i looked at their profit for that year - $17,156,201! not bad for a team with no attendance. i've looked at the other teams at not one of them seems to have gotten even close to $10 mil. the new york teams consistently make around $4-5 mil a year in profit, and some teams have gotten negative profit (which i guess is loss) around $4-5 mil. but $17 million????????? that's insane. ok, that's all so far.